How FemTech and ticket tagging are a perfect pair, period

Clue enlisted's help to automatically tag the 3,500 emails they receive each month, to relieve support agents from repetitive tasks and answer client queries faster.

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  • Clue receives around 3,500 emails a month, from 180 different countries

  • Before Ticket Automation, their average handling time was 7 days

  •'s solution automatically tags tickets with intents and generates automated responses

  • Today, 70% of all tickets are tagged by AI

  • The backlog of emails was more than halved in just a month

Clue accompanies its customers on their health journey

Clue is a Berlin-based period-tracking app, a trusted menstrual health resource, and a thought leader in the FemTech movement, that has 12 million monthly active users in over 190 different countries. By combining science and technology, they are actively changing the way people learn, access, and talk about menstrual and reproductive health around the world.

The situation: an email backlog that delayed handling times

With such a large consumer base, Clue receives a high number of customer queries. Most of these go through email, which Clue has chosen as their main channel for contact.

They receive around 3,500 emails a month, which created backlogs, as it took the team 1 to 3 minutes to manually tag each ticket for labelling and routing. Because of the backlogs and manual work, the team's average handling time was over 7 days. This situation made it very difficult to quickly address immediate customer concerns, and flooded the support team with time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Ana Leitão, who had recently become Head of Support at Clue, decided they needed to tackle the email backlog. Her goals were two-fold: on the one hand, answer customer queries more quickly and efficiently; on the other hand, she wanted to relieve her team of repetitive work in order to focus on high-value support. These goals aligned with Clue's mission of accompanying customers on their health journeys.

The solution: Ticket Automation with Ultimate

To help with their email queries, Clue's support team decided to implement Ticket Automation, which would allow them to accelerate their handling and resolution times, as well as prioritise requests. They would also be able to automatically reply with their Virtual Agent on the most common queries.

Clue chose to work with Ultimate on this project because of their automation expertise across all channels and their immediate understanding of Clue's workflow. Ultimate also offers deep integration for Zendesk users, which Clue already was.

Additionally, Clue was set on Ultimate because they offer a comprehensive onboarding experience, holistic and efficient customer support, proactive communication from sales and customer success, and a philosophy of working hand-in-hand with Clue during every stage of the process.

The team at had an immediate grasp of our issue and, more importantly, were able to solve it just as rapidly. They provided us with a made-to-measure, integrated solution to automatically tag our tickets and implement automated replies. Exactly what we'd been looking for.
Ilaria Vilardi, Customer Service Senior Specialist, Clue

The collaboration was led by the Ultimate CSM team, which prepared and onboarded Clue in a structured and seamless process.

First, they gathered historical data in order to build intents and train the virtual agent to tag emails and, in some cases, generate automated replies. This process is similar to chat automation that Ultimate is an expert in, and is built on both highly accurate, advanced AI and a seamless Zendesk integration.

Ultimate trained the Clue team with a precise onboarding plan, several weeks of workshops, and support every step of the way.

Results: 70% of tickets are now automatically tagged

This was Ultimate's first project with Ticket Automation, and the results were more than satisfactory.

Today, 70% of Clue's email tickets are tagged by AI, saving 1 to 3 minutes per ticket. Just one month after the implementation of Ticket Automation, the backlog of tickets was already more than halved, from 500 to 200.

Customers are now able to receive faster assistance on recurring issues, and the support team has more time to devote to high-value work.

Since we started automating recurring tasks, we’ve significantly cut down on our backlogs. 70% of our tickets are tagged automatically. This has allowed us to focus on serving our customers better.
Ilaria Vilardi, Customer Service Senior Specialist, Clue

Automatic ticket tagging also provides them with actionable analytics that can constantly improve the AI, support the project's operational effectiveness, and enhance its scalability.

Overall, ticket tagging has brought Clue even closer to its customers and their needs, and the expertise of its support service team is more valued than ever.

Next steps: expanding the solution with more intents and languages

Now that the solution is in place and meeting Clue's needs, the goal is to keep developing and expanding it. The next steps for Clue and Ultimate are:

  • Building new intents, with the aim to tag more tickets and generate more automated replies;

  • Working on linking intents to problem tickets;

  • Refining and furthering the use of analytics;

  • Implementing back-end integrations for email automation;

  • Developing the solution in Spanish.

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