The Ultimate chat automation solution

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Resolve 60% of customer requests, reduce your average handle time, and deliver the best customer experience with chat automation.

A graph showing requests handled by an agent and a higher number of requests handled by AI.

So much more than a chatbot

Our virtual agent platform includes a powerful AI chatbot that can understand what your customers want, respond intelligently and even instantly resolve requests. Combine that with a deep integration into all the tech you already use and you have a superagent that can provide personalized, 24/7 support in 109 languages.

Why you’ll love AI-powered chat automation


Eliminate manual work

Let your bot instantly resolve simple requests and gather customer information and context for your agents.

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Personalize the customer experience

Easily extract info from your CRM and other systems for faster resolutions and more customized CX.


Supercharge your support

Reduce your average handle time (AHT), increase your CSAT, and deliver the best customer experience possible.


Go live in under 3 weeks

Ultimate’s onboarding is quick, easy, tailored to your goals and will make you a conversational AI expert.

Ultimate’s AI chatbot and virtual agent platform


Unique headless approach

Your virtual agent integrates into your CRM without disrupting your tech stack or creating data silos.


Holistic virtual agent platform

Combine your AI chatbot with ticket automation for a full-service virtual agent that covers all digital support channels.


AI-powered technology

We use world-class AI and NLP to decipher what your customers really want, instead of relying on keywords or canned responses.


Speak your customers’ language

Easily serve and expand to multiple markets with our multilingual bot that understands 109 languages.


No coding required

Our automation platform is designed for customer support teams, so it’s easy-to-use and completely no-code.


Bespoke automation solutions

Your virtual agent is trained on your historical data, so its responses are customized to your brand.

Go live in under 3 weeks