HyperJar at a glance


The customer

HyperJar is a free, prepaid debit card and money app designed for everyone.


The market

They serve customers in English, across the UK.


The support team

HyperJar has a support team of 33 agents.


The channels

HyperJar offers support via chat in the mobile app and on desktop. They manage queries through their CRM, Zendesk.


The situation

They were looking to automate industry-specific use cases so agents could focus on providing the best possible support, based on a balanced approach between AI and humans.


The solution

With Ultimate, they found an automation platform tailored to the finserv industry. They use API integrations to automate common queries so agents are free to focus on the more complex ones.

Getting started with Ultimate

As an innovative finserv company, HyperJar was looking to cash in on their automation potential in order to stay ahead of the competition in their industry. Jake Samson, Systems Manager at HyperJar, said it best, “There’s no running from it, AI is here. You have to embrace it or you’ll fall behind.” After seeing some demos and comparing our competitors on G2, we shined as the best option for them. 

With our extensive experience working in the finserv industry, we aligned with their commitment to make life simple and convenient for their customers by using AI to provide faster and more accessible support. Together, with their Customer Success Manager at Ultimate, Kasia, they mapped the most impactful use cases for automation – such as replacing lost cards and checking card delivery status – while still making it easy for customers to escalate to an agent when needed. Of the onboarding journey, Jake recalls, “It was a really smooth process. It’s a very user-friendly platform. It was a very structured training program, and we went live within the first 4 weeks.”

And because they were committed to automating each use case in a gradual way, they weren’t banking on seeing such impressive results so quickly. They’ve already cut their first response times (FRT) by 94% – all while maintaining a 97% CSAT score. With CX automation, customers can have speedier support and their agents are freed up to provide a human touch where needed.


“Everywhere I go, I recommend Ultimate as the platform you need to go with when you’re deciding to automate. As our Trustpilot reviewers say, ‘it’s a bot that actually knows what to do!’”

Jake Samson
Systems Manager, HyperJar

First contact resolution rate 90%
CSAT score 97%
Reduction in FRT 94%

AI use case spotlight #1: Eliminating escalations for replacing lost cards

  • Replacing cards accounts for 16% of queries at HyperJar. Before automation, doing so required a 15-20 minute conversation with a human agent – not counting wait times.
  • This repetitive request proved to be a perfect use case for automation. With the help of our finserv-specialized API integrations, they were able to fully automate it within a few weeks.
  • HyperJar has completely eliminated agent escalations on this intent, and cut the time to resolution to under 2 minutes – contributing to an 90% overall reduction in FCR.

AI use case spotlight #2: Enabling agents to provide more human CX

  • Right from the outset, HyperJar knew their goal was to find the sweet spot by offering excellent customer service through CX automation while maintaining a human touch where needed, such as when resolving payment disputes. 
  • Our approach to automation still makes it easy for customers to reach an agent as needed by designing smart escalation paths, rather than centering a deflection at all costs approach. 
  • Because they were able to automate their most repetitive tasks, agents are free to provide that little bit of extra care to customers and to go the extra mile on complex queries. Since automating, HyperJar has maintained a stellar 97% CSAT and 4.7 stars on Trustpilot.

The success story


Instant Zendesk integration

The fact that our automation solution fits seamlessly into their CRM was a deal maker for HyperJar. Our one-click integration with Zendesk enabled them to get started with automation quickly and easily.


Insightful analytics

Our comprehensive analytics help HyperJar to pinpoint their top use cases for automation. This data also enables them to better understand their customers by making it easier to monitor conversations more closely.


Industry-leading results

HyperJar knew that automation was key to getting a leg up on competitors by providing the best possible CX. They’ve managed to achieve better operational efficiency, boasting a 94% reduction in FRT since automating, and a 42% automation rate overall.


Improved customer experience

HyperJar has achieved a 90% FCR by automating repetitive intents, and agents now have more time to focus on providing faster support on their more complex queries. They have maintained a 97% CSAT since launching their bot.

Next on their automation journey

After so much success with automating the lost card use case, HyperJar is now looking to automate six more of their most common customer intents such as checking card delivery status.

Ultimate is a platform that grows with them as their automation journey coincides with the evolution of their product. For example, they've recently begun issuing customer vouchers and rewards, and were able to automate this process right from the start.

They are also curious to try our generative AI-powered chatbot, UltimateGPT, as a way to capture the long tail of customer queries and enhance the conversational TOV of their bot as they continue to design new dialogue flows. 

Ready to cash in on your automation potential?