Aurinkomatkat at a glance


The customer

Part of Finnair Group and one of Finland’s biggest and most trusted travel brands.


The market

Finnish holidaymakers looking for everything from packaged tours to customized trips.


The support team

An overwhelmed team that had been downsized due to Covid-19.


The channels

After successfully pivoting from mostly brick and mortar stores to almost entirely doing business online, live chat conversations make up the majority of their inquiries.


The situation

With a smaller support team due to Covid-19, Aurinkomatkat was having trouble training and hiring agents to keep pace with demand.


The solution

By implementing Ultimate’s customer support automation platform, they were able to easily handle the increased volume of chats.

Getting started with Ultimate

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Aurinkomatkat was forced to downsize their support team. When travel started ramping up again, they were facing a high volume of support inquiries and their team was feeling overwhelmed. Aurinkomatkat found it was a very slow process to get human agents fully trained. And with more and more customers turning to live chat, a virtual agent seemed like the perfect solution.

"Chat conversations also lead to a sale much more often than calls because most people are already at least thinking of buying a trip. So the virtual agent has been working very well for us."

Olli Vikman
Service Manager, Aurinkomatkat

Automation rate 40%
Support 24/7
Weeks to launch 4

AI use case spotlight: Scaling support without increased overhead costs

  • Aurinkomatkat was finding it difficult to hire and train agents to keep up with a surge in support inquiries. They turned to automation so a bot could handle the easy questions, while they handled the hard ones.

  • In less than 4 weeks, Aurinkomatkat launched chat automation with a seamless Salesforce integration.

  • The virtual agent now handles around 40% of all inquiries, allowing the team to easily handle the increased volume of chats.

The success story


Scalable solution

Ultimate's flexible chat automation solution allows Aurinkomatkat to handle support volume spikes and grow along with their team.


A seamless CRM integration

As longtime Salesforce users, Aurinkomatkat’s team loved that the Ultimate integrated quickly and easily into their CRM.


24/7 support

With chat automation, Aurinkomatkat can support their customers before, during, and after takeoff.


Operational efficiency

Customers receive the instant support they expect and agents are freed up for more rewarding tasks.

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