Stitch Fix at a glance


The customer

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service offering today’s most convenient way to find clothes you love.


The market

They serve more than three million women, men, and kids across the US.


The support team

Their support team consists of 150 agents who provide customer service in English.


The channels

Customers can access Stitch Fix support via chat and email, which all filter into their CRM Zendesk.


The situation

Stitch Fix wanted to free up agents from repetitive tasks so they can focus on providing the highest quality CX at scale.


The solution

Stitch Fix uses Ultimate’s intuitive dialogue builder to tailor automated conversations. They’ve also successfully automated FAQs like creating return labels and checking order status so customers can manage their orders more quickly and easily.

Getting started with Ultimate

Stitch Fix is an online styling service committed to innovation and the pursuit of personalization — both in the clothing recommendations they provide and in their CX. That’s why they harness the power of cutting-edge automation technology to offer their customers consistently high-quality support with a personal touch. Ultimate’s automation solution stood out from the crowd on both counts. It enables their support team to develop and personalize a chatbot that met their high customer service standards.

With the help of features like our easy-to-use, customizable dialogue builder and API integrations they can continually improve and personalize the customer experience. The fact that Ultimate has a native integration with Zendesk — that's even used by the support team at Zendesk themself — made linking the two systems easy. And thanks to the hands-on training they received from Maeve, their Customer Support Manager, they began to see results from the first day that they launched.

In email and chat, their chatbot automatically categorizes their tickets and completes discovery work for their agents. It also provides immediate solutions for their most common FAQs. As Michael Peters, Business Systems Lead at Stitch Fix, explains it, “Our virtual agents help our clients receive a consistent experience with immediate resolutions for FAQs, while empowering our agents to focus on delivering personalized experiences for everything else.” Now celebrating their one-year anniversary with Ultimate, their chatbot fully handles ~15% of client tickets, across all channels — providing resolutions to client FAQs quicker than ever before. All of this culminates in higher-quality customer support, which customers can access around the clock.

"We wanted our CX team to directly craft the experience that our virtual agent would deliver. The bot-building UI was easy for our CX agents to pick up, and they have successfully been able to improve workflow efficiencies."

Michael Peters
Business Systems Lead, Stitch Fix

Quicker email resolutions 22%
Reduction in chat AHT 29%
Automation rate 15%

AI use case spotlight #1: Easily customizable dialogue builder for more personalized support

  • The support team at Stitch Fix has found our no-code dialogue builder to be very easy to use, allowing agents to monitor and update the bot on the fly.
  • For example, if customers are experiencing carrier delays, agents can add new dialogue flows within minutes to address the reasons for the delay — no prior technical know-how required.
  • Agents can continuously improve the bot based on built-in analytics to provide the best possible CX based on the feedback they receive from customers – who are consistently impressed by their bot.

AI use case spotlight #2: A chatbot designed with the ecommerce industry in mind

  • Ultimate has experience building ecommerce bots for a roster of retail companies including Lush and Zalando — so Stitch Fix had access to an industry-tailored solution from the start.
  • Via our API integrations, for example, their bot validates customers’ data mid-flow. Once validated, the bot fetches customer details in order to auto-generate return labels, extend the checkout window, and provide real-time tracking updates on orders.
  • Their bot allows agents to spend more time providing personalized CX because automation takes care of their most repetitive FAQs.

The success story


Zendesk integration

The fact that Ultimate integrates with their CRM really sealed the deal for Stitch Fix. Our seamless integration offers an excellent complement to the Zendesk product by adding extra capabilities like categorization and wait time estimates.


Intuitive, no-code solution

Our easy-to-use automation tools made it possible for Stitch Fix to see results they wanted right from day one. They are also able to monitor and update their dialogues so that they can continuously improve their CX based on customer feedback.


Customized ecommerce flows

Automation was all the more effective for Stitch Fix because our API integrations made it possible to meet their industry specific use cases — from generating return labels to tracking orders.


Scalable support

With automation Stitch Fix achieved their goal of offering consistent, high quality support across all conversations and channels. They were able to achieve a 29% reduction in agent chat AHT and fully resolve client email tickets 22% quicker.

Next on their automation journey

Having had a successful year with their bot — and recently integrating ticket automation into their support stack — Stitch Fix has been inspired to deepen their partnership with Ultimate. In particular, they are excited to continue exploring ways to improve our clients' experience in finding help.

Currently, this means expanding support to new channels and exploring how automation can help facilitate support. They are working on launching Apple Messaging for Business as a new channel, something that will surely be a game changer in the ecommerce ecosystem. This enables them to expand their repertoire of omnichannel support so they can meet customers wherever and whenever it suits them most.

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