Deezer at a glance


The customer

Deezer is a music streaming service that gives customers access to 90 million tracks, curated playlists, and personalized recommendations.


The market

They support users worldwide in 7 languages: French, English, Turkish, Arabic, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The support team

Approximately 50 agents serve Deezer’s customers — and Head of Customer Care, Patrick Dunford, wants to keep it that way.


The channels

Support agents manage requests through chat and tickets.


The situation

Agents were dealing with high volumes of (relatively) non-urgent inquiries and unpredictable surges in support requests.


The solution

With automation, Deezer implemented a scalable and cost-effective first point of contact across both chat and tickets. They were able to easily integrate it with their existing CRM system: Zendesk.

Getting started with Ultimate

Deezer needed an automation solution that would balance cost-efficiency with outstanding CX. That made our industry-leading conversational AI a deciding factor in why they chose to automate with Ultimate. Instead of using a translation layer, our language-agnostic virtual agent can understand 109 languages. That allows Deezer to provide round-the-clock, native-level support in 7 of these.

After launching chat automation in English, Deezer’s Automation Manager Aline Giazzon and her team of bot builders expanded to 6 additional languages. Building on their chat success, Deezer then went live with ticket automation. And the team is constantly working with Carl, one of our Customer Success Managers at Ultimate (and a Zendesk expert) to improve customer experiences.

Aline Giazzo_CleanBackground_Color_860x860
“Carl from Ultimate really understands how Zendesk works. So when we’re bringing up ideas he knows if they’ll be possible or not and can suggest other solutions.”

Aline Giazzon
Automation Manager, Deezer

Support 24/7
Languages served 7
Agent hours saved weekly 200

AI use case spotlight: providing instant support

  • 100% of queries are initially answered by the AI-powered virtual agent, providing an immediate first response to customers.

  • The virtual agent then gathers additional information before escalating more complex questions to a human agent, driving down handle times.

  • Automation allows Deezer to deflect 2,500 chats and 7,000 tickets each month.

AI use case spotlight: managing contact spikes

  • To manage costs, Patrick keeps his support team small — but this makes them vulnerable to unexpected fluctuations in request volumes.

  • After a recent service outage, AI-powered chat and ticket automation saved agents from manually answering around 3,000 extra inquiries.

  • Their virtual agent allows them to ride out any storms, without taking on extra staff or making their customers wait.

The success story



Their virtual agent takes care of the same workload as 5 full-time employees — that’s €155,000 saved each year.



Automation takes away the stress of unexpected support request spikes (and having to hire additional agents to manage these surges).



Powered by conversational AI — instead of simple translation tools — our solution helps Deezer offer quality, native-level support in 7 languages.



Our flexible pricing model meant that Deezer could start small, and expand to new channels & languages when it made sense for their business.

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