Finnair and take customer service to the skies

Flag carrier and largest airline in Finland, Finnair flies 12 million passengers to 125 destinations around the globe every year.

The benefits to using artificial intelligence in your customer support go beyond automation rates. Artificial intelligence can guide agents through providing customers an enriched experience. That was Finnair's goal - a premium brand, Finnair wanted an artificial intelligence solution that improved efficiency whilst elevating the high-class experience it delivers to its customers.

The Challenge

Finnair employs 250 customer service agents who handle tens of thousands of inquiries every month. Finnair's agents work in multiple languages including Finnish, Swedish and English.

Finnair was looking for an AI partner who could fulfill significant improvements in efficiency and customer experience.

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The Solution

Augment by is an AI tool that boosts customer service quality and scale by recommending answers for agents in real time. was selected by Finnair because of its strong technical foundations and unparalleled ability to handle complex languages. The transparency, experience and agility of the team were also deciding factors.

We chose for the strength of their technology and their multi-language capabilities.
Satu Karaksela, Digital Customer Services, Finnair

How Works uses deep learning to intelligently cluster and classify millions of lines of unstructured conversations. In one day, the AI can integrate into a contact center and bring an business' customer service data to life, revealing common cases, best responses, frequency, urgency and processes.

As agents use the suggested responses, the AI continuously refines its accuracy, enabling the automation of common cases, and offering accurate answers to questions, saving agents time and boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

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The Data

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The Results

The AI was live in just 3 weeks. The AI trained on Finnair’s 1.5 million lines of unstructured historical chat conversation. Ongoing training, testing and improvement was conducted by’s dedicated Customer Success team.

In the first five months, over half a million messages were sent to Finnair’s Chat customer service. Agents received suggested responses in real-time as messages came in, empowering them to give more on-brand answers, faster.

An eye-opening experience on what's possible with AI. We now give +30% faster responses across all cases, with increased per agent output and job satisfaction.
Satu Karaksela, Digital Customer Services, Finnair

Usage of the tool grew month-on-month. The AI grew in accuracy through use. After five months, agents were using suggested responses as almost 30% of all of their answers.

Finnair achieved significant improvements in their customer service. Agents were freed from repetitive work and empowered to focus on what really matters: the customer.


Finnair Success

Finnair’s partnership with has been a success. Finnair has significantly improved the speed and quality of their customer service, as well as the job satisfaction of their agents.

Finnair and have a strong roadmap together. Additional languages have been deployed, including Swedish and English, and automation of high-volume requests is beginning. helped Finnair cut costs while significantly improving customer experience and boosting agent productivity. have impressed with their technical expertise, transparency and understanding of our customer service. We’re excited to continue and scale our work together.
Satu Karaksela, Digital Customer Services, Finnair

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