How Superbet made their first response times 74% faster with automation


Thinking digital-first, the leading sports betting and gaming operator in Romania incorporated AI to create an industry-leading customer experience and support its international growth plans.

CRM Integration
Automation rate 37%
First response time reduced by 74%


  • Superbet went live with automation within 6 weeks
  • 37% of incoming chats were addressed by a virtual agent without a support agent intervening
  • ...and are now resolved 63% faster than when an agent was involved.
  • First responses are given 74% faster and after deploying customer service automation, conversations are now 10% faster.

The customer: Superbet is leading sports betting into the digital era

Superbet is the leading sports betting and gaming operator in Romania and growing quickly in Poland. Superbet’s retail network spans across over 1,300 shops and offers customers pre-match and live sports betting, slots, virtual betting and lottery offerings. To bring their ambitious international growth plans to life, Superbet was undergoing a transformation from a retail into a digital-first company.

As part of their journey to becoming a technology company, Superbet started incorporating customer service automation into aspects of their core business.

Now, they want to use AI-powered automation to create an industry-leading customer experience, while supporting their international growth plans into Central European markets.


The Situation: Finding a solution tailored to the Romanian language

Superbet needed a way to provide accurate and winning customer experiences in Romanian, their largest market. With most automation solutions built for the English language and translation layers resulting in poorer automation, Superbet struggled to find a quality provider and had to resort to using non-AI tools.

The Superbet team had initially built their own virtual agent in-house, which was based on a decision tree model of automated chat support. Building your own bot in-house is difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, because these button-only tools are inflexible and limited the ability for users to interact conversationally, the customer experience suffered.

The Solution

When Ultimate connected with Superbet’s leadership, they were frustrated by their current solution and looking for change. Superbet wanted a provider that could deploy natively in their CRM provider, Zendesk, go live quickly, and guide them through building great conversational experiences. Importantly, they were looking for an AI-based solution that could handle the complex Romanian language.

Ultimate impressed them with their multilingual deep-learning technology and their strong Zendesk partnership.

Superbet decided to drop the development of their internal chatbot to focus on working with Ultimate.


The first 100 days of automation

Ultimate dedicated a customer success manager to onboard Superbet within only a few weeks. They also helped the Superbet Operations and Customer Support leadership understand how to craft great conversations, and rethink their approach to automated chat support using conversational design and industry best practices. The team at Ultimate was always there to support Superbet with implementation and optimization.

The Success

Within a few weeks, Superbet went live with AI-powered automation that provided suggested answers for their human agents to answer their most frequently asked questions. The more agents used these suggestions, the more the AI learned, and, in turn, provided even more accurate answers. Six weeks after the suggestions went live, the virtual agent, named iRina by Superbet’s team, began to answer incoming questions from customers automatically.

Native CRM integrations to automate agent workflows

Superbet understood the importance of integrating AI into their CRM, to augment and enhance their existing customer service workflow. Agents are able to continue their work from within Zendesk, while receiving assistance from Ultimate. Moreover, by natively connecting the two systems, Superbet can retain all their powerful custom Zendesk configurations and customers receive a unified customer experience within Zendesk.

A tailored approach by Ultimate

Being a data-driven company, Superbet wanted to easily access the AI’s performance analytics from their own CRM. Ultimate deepened their integration to Zendesk for this purpose, making it even easier to provide first responses and personalize the customer journey.

By implementing customer service automation, Superbet was able to decrease wait times in chat by 74%. Conversations are now near 10% faster and 37% of all incoming chats are handled entirely by their virtual agent, iRina - with no human intervention. Superbet’s customer support team are now free to focus on complex conversations without interruptions and work more efficiently by having repetitive questions answered by iRina.

Next steps: Moving beyond just chat

Superbet are happy with the results from iRina’s first 100 days, and are looking forward to provide winning experiences to their customers in further countries in the future. The support team plans to use iRina while expanding to new Central European markets, starting with Poland and Cyprus, and will also include iRina as part of their website re-launch. Superbet is now able to provide 24/7 multilingual customer service across all the regions as they scale.

In fact, they are so happy with Ultimate's results that the two companies are currently building a roadmap together. Deeper integrations are on the horizon, with more powerful process automation across the customer journey.

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