We are on a mission to bring joy to customer service


We are building the world’s most powerful virtual agent platform. It’s powered by industry-leading AI, but it’s also powered by a world-class team. Here’s our story.

Rated on G2 as #1
Languages supported 109
Potential automation rate 60%
UltiMATEs worldwide 160
Nationalities in our team 37
Women in our team 40%
The Ultimate Founders

"We understand that humans just want to connect with other humans who empathize with them and their problems. This is what drives us to create and innovate."
- Reetu Kainulainen, CEO, Ultimate

Ultimate is driven by 4 key values

  • Trust

    We trust in our people fully and instantly. We value the trust we build with our customers

  • Impact

    We are driven by creating real value for our customers and community. We recognise and celebrate the impact of our team

  • Ethics

    We are proudly diverse and empower each other to be better. We commit to using our platform as a force for good

  • Customer success

    We know our customers have unique journeys and define our success in terms of theirs. We build lasting customer relationships

Finnish born, German raised, US expanding

In the past 5 years we’ve come pretty far from our Helsinki hackathon roots. Now, the only thing more global than our team is our customer base.

But with great growth comes great responsibility. We take pride in building cutting-edge technology that solves support’s greatest problems, as well as building an inclusive company culture that fosters belonging.

Press highlights

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