Supercharge your support with AI


Deliver personalized customer experiences and free up your support team from repetitive queries with our AI-powered virtual agent.

An example of what the backend of Ultimate’s virtual agent platform looks like.

Automate up to 60% of customer queries

Provide fast and consistent resolutions to your customers on chat, email and messaging, streamline processes, and reduce support costs.


One-click CRM authorization

Easily connect to your CRM with a seamless, one-click integration


CS Automation Explorer

Identify your most frequent support topics and discover how many agent hours you could save


Multilingual Virtual Agent

Build a virtual agent that can understand up to 109 languages and manage them all in one place

An order management system backend integration.

Fully connected, living in your tech stack

Your virtual agent integrates into everything you already use, so it can fetch data from your CRM, order management system and other back-office systems, freeing up your agents to work on more complex cases.


CRM partners

Integrate with leading CRMs including Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshworks, Livechat, Dixa and Sunshine Conversations


Dialogue Builder

Design powerful conversation flows with this intuitive no-code tool


Training Center

Train & maintain your virtual agent so it recognizes new intents and keeps getting better and better

A live chat conversation with the Ultimate Virtual Agent where it begins speaking English, but switches to Spanish.

1 virtual agent, 109 languages

Support your customers globally with one virtual agent that can understand up to 109 languages — from Arabic to Zulu.

An example of the results of Ultimate’s Impact Report clustering tool.

AI tailored for your brand

Just like any new agent, a virtual agent needs to be trained to provide on-brand and efficient customer experiences. That’s why, using the most advanced AI in the industry, your virtual agent is 100% trained on your historical support data.

Efficient resolutions with instant CRM integration

With just one click your CRM is connected to our no-code platform. The result? Fast and effective resolutions for your customers on chat, email, messaging and social.