Product Overview

Serve more customers faster, with intelligent virtual assistance

Boost your customer service performance with virtual agent conversations that don’t feel automated.

1 backend UI 2 backend UI 3 backend UI
1 chat ui 2 chat ui 3 chat ui
1 detail ui 2 detail ui 3 detail ui
Mobile 1

Conversation automation

Our virtual agent answers your common customer requests

Conversation flows allow a virtual agent to answer repetitive customer queries, freeing your support team to solve more complex cases and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Mobile 2

Process automation

Enhance end-to-end customer experience with powerful API integrations

Provide accurate information on the status of an order, tracking information, and more, without involving an agent.

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Answer recommendations

Increase your team’s performance with recommended answers

Real time AI recommendations enable your support team to solve customer queries faster and stay on-brand.

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How it works’s implementation process is divided into four core stages

Data Sanitization 48


Find the most frequently asked questions in your historical conversations

Self Learning 48


Teach the AI to recognize those questions in your customer service conversations

Named Entity 48


Cluster questions around clearly defined customer intents

Chat Automation 48


Define conversational service processes and let the virtual agent handle intents when recognized

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