How Pockit reduced its email backlog by 95% in just two months

Fintech company Pockit headed into 2021 with a massive email backlog and response times spanning several weeks. Today, they are automating 12,000 emails a month and getting back to their customers within 48 hours.


  • Pockit’s support team receives 1,000 emails a day
  • In 2021, the support team had accumulated a backlog that was affecting handling and resolution times
  • With’s support, 95% of the backlog was cleared within just two months
  • Handling times have dropped from several weeks to under 48 hours
  • Pockit now automates 12,000 emails a month, using 37 intents

The Company

Pockit is a UK fintech company that offers a range of no-frills, easily-accessible digital financial services, including prepaid spending cards, current accounts, and a mobile-first service. Launched in 2014, Pockit had gained over 500,000 customers by 2020.

In the fintech industry, accessibility is key. But when Pockit reached out to, its team of 35 support agents was having a hard time handling the 1,000 emails they were receiving daily.

Getting started with was a breeze! The customer success manager went the extra mile to ensure that our experience from onboarding to going live was seamless

The Situation: An email backlog that drove up handling times

When Jamie Hopper joined Pockit’s newly formed Customer Support team in 2021, the company had just moved from London to Newcastle and recruited an entirely new team. Hopper’s first task? Tackling a 17,000 email backlog, the fallout from a forced two-month hiatus on all transactions due to complications with a third-party supplier.

The Solution: Ticket automation turns weeks into days

Pockit chose Ultimate based on its unparalleled onboarding process and proven track record of integrating with Zendesk Support.

Throughout the onboarding process, Ultimate’s customer success team ran regular training sessions, updates, and check-ins.

The Success: Saving agents' time & effiency

The results of this ticket automation project were quick and efficient.

Soon, Hopper and his team were able to automate 12,000 emails a month. They also leveraged Ultimate’s Zendesk integration to identify, refine, and prioritize the most frequent and significant customer intents, scaling up to 37 from only four.

Overall, Ultimate’s automated solutions produced 3.5 times more output than a human agent while implementation costs remained below one monthly salary.

In just two months, we were able to reduce about 95% of our support tickets backlog. We also reduced our response time from weeks to under two days, thanks to’s Ticket Automation

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