LiveChat and Ultimate virtual agent

Automate repetitive requests across messaging channels for instant replies & quick resolution, ensuring excellent customer experiences

Why use Ultimate with LiveChat?


One-click integration

Instantly integrate your CRM and your virtual agent with just one click


Native integration

Your virtual agent is built right in LiveChat & becomes a part of your team


Support channels

Automate your most repetitive chat inquiries on LiveChat


Multilingual support

Take your customer service global with 24/7 support in up to 109 languages


No code, no problem

Manage your virtual agent with ease, no coding or development required


Safety & security

Your data is safe with us: we're GDPR and SOC 2 type 2 compliant

Deliver personalized support


Import historical data

Use AI to determine your most frequently asked questions, and then train your virtual agent to answer them


Seamless agent handoff

Your virtual agent ensures customers can continue the conversation and get human help when they need it


Improved workflows

Automate tagging & updating custom fields to indicate contact reason, customer information, and more


Rich messaging

Make conversing with your customers a breeze with buttons, link buttons, and image carousels supported


Find your automation potential

Get a free personalized report on how to get started with automation. Discover your most common customer requests and how many hours of agent time you could save. Import your historical support conversations directly from LiveChat to analyze your support in seconds.

Analyze your support

Results, fast. 
And live in 3 weeks