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Why use Ultimate & LiveChat to automate your support?

Integrate Ultimate with LiveChat and everyone wins. Here's how:

  1. For your customers

    Support wherever and whenever they need it. Available 24/7 on their preferred channel.

  2. For your CS team

    Manage all brands and channels in one place to maximize efficiency while keeping a personal touch.

  3. For your business

    Create cutting-edge CX with an omnichannel strategy that positively impacts customer satisfaction - and your efficiency metrics - by lowering response & resolution times.


Create customized conversations with your LiveChat integration

Headless approach

Avoid data silos and disruptions to your tech stack with a virtual agent that sits inside LiveChat and integrates with just one click. It also allows you to leverage LiveChat’s Customer SDK, a set of tools that helps you build an on-brand chat widget. 


Secure data handling

Relax knowing your private data is safe with us. Trust is our number 1 value at Ultimate, and we’re both GDPR and SOC2 type-2 compliant (just like LiveChat).

Personalized CX, customized UX

Adapt chat conversations across channels to personalize, diversify, and customize your communication strategy, including through the use of rich messaging.


Intelligent triage & escalation

Manage all of your channels in one place, with Ultimate’s dashboard providing a single, integrated overview of your customer. Enjoy seamless handoffs between your LiveChat chatbot and human agents.

Why our customers love using Ultimate & LiveChat

How to meet your customers where they are with a LiveChat integration


1. Import your unique customer metadata

Use our AI-powered Automation Explorer to determine your most frequently asked questions, giving you a data-driven roadmap of where to start automating


2. Click to integrate

Integrate your virtual agent with your LiveChat chatbot in a single click to go live within minutes


3. Provide omnichannel support

Use a different virtual agent for each channel and brand for a customized experience in each


4. Create customized UX

Leverage mobile SDKs and API integrations to make conversing with your customers a joy, with buttons and image carousels supported


5. Create the best conversational AI

Use our Training Center to answer queries even more accurately as time goes on, based on suggestions by our best-in-class conversational AI


6. Create measurable success

Build reports and evaluate your LiveChat chatbot performance in our analytics dashboard


Maximize your automation ROI

Use our AI-powered Automation Explorer to pull your past support data from LiveChat. It’ll produce a free personalized report that includes your most common customer requests and how many hours of agent time you could save by automating them.  

Serve your customers on the channels they love