Taskrabbit at a glance


The customer

Taskrabbit is a global digital platform that connects people seeking help with household tasks, such as furniture assembly, moving, and home improvements, to skilled, reliable Taskers in their communities.


The market

Taskrabbit is a two-sided marketplace that includes self-employed independent contractors, known as Taskers, and the clients who hire them.


The support team

250 agents offer localized support in 9 languages throughout North America and Europe.


The channels

Taskrabbit offers support across both ticket and chat. With Ultimate's bot, they have successfully automated 100% of first contact on support queries that they receive via chat.


The situation

After trying other providers in the past, Taskrabbit was in search of an automation solution that could meet their unique use cases.


The solution

Ultimate's chat automation solution proved to be the best fit for Taskrabbit thanks to our customizable analytics dashboard and ability to offer support localized by region.

Getting started with Ultimate

Taskrabbit had doubts about whether any automation solution could meet their specific needs. They had even tried other providers before, but had found the implementation too clunky and the bots too simplistic. The challenge for them was in the fact that they have unique use cases, as they serve a two-sided marketplace of both self-employed workers and the clients who hire them. More than simply being multilingual, their bot would also need to be able to route queries to the right countries by picking up on location and regional dialects, say for French Canadian or US Spanish. It was in meeting these specific requirements — along with ease of use and implementation — that Ultimate won out. 

Mimi Erlick, Taskrabbit's Senior Program Manager, initially discovered Ultimate on Zendesk's list of recommended chatbots — an endorsement that stood out amid their automation skepticism. And beyond simply being able to meet their complex use cases, Ultimate’s product features — from the Zendesk integration and customizable analytics dashboard to its headless capability — enabled them to launch their bot in 9 languages within just 2 months. Mimi also credits Ethan, their customer success manager (CSM) at Ultimate, for their success in launching so quickly. “He understood what my questions were and was available to help us every day. I’d rate the support we got from Ultimate a million out of ten.” Now, 100% of chats start with their bot, and they’ve reached a 28% deflection rate — far exceeding their initial KPIs. 

“When choosing a bot provider, it’s really about what the implementation looks like. We were focused on the ease of use with building and on the quality of the product features. That’s where Ultimate won.”

Mimi Erlick
Senior Program Manager, Taskrabbit

Deflection rate 28%
Languages offered 9
First contact automated 100%

AI use case spotlight: Providing highly-localized automated support

  • Taskrabbit needed a bot that could route queries to the right geographic location, as different regions have unique support needs. This feat had proven too complex for other bots they’d tried in the past. 

  • Ultimate’s bot not only recognizes the language that a customer is typing in but also pulls in the region listed in Zendesk, so someone can be talking in a language but not be tied to that language’s region. 
  • With Ultimate, their bot both communicates in the right language and is able to connect customers to the most accurate content for their region.

Use case spotlight: Customizable reporting with the Ultimate analytics dashboard

  • Before using a bot, Taskrabbit would prompt customers to manually enter their personal data, which often left a lot of room for error.

  • Through monitoring in their analytics dashboard, Taskrabbit now has much cleaner and more accurate data. This empowers them to craft more impactful support content and improve agent interactions.

  • The customizable dashboard provides Taskrabbit with useful information and offers a lot of filtering options. Mimi adds that, “since Ultimate acts as a virtual agent within Zendesk, we could also use all of our Zendesk dashes to support our metrics needs.”

The success story


Cost effective

Taskrabbit saw near-instant ROI and big annual cost savings with automation.


Happier agents

Agents have reported increased job satisfaction, as more monotonous queries have been taken over by their bot. In fact, Taskrabbit has achieved a 28% deflection rate through automation.



Taskrabbit was able to launch in all 9 languages they serve — including Italian, German, Spanish, French, and English. More than this, their bot offers regional, localized support.



Our headless solution was less work to launch than other chat automation solutions and enables seamless control of their bot flows.

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