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Ultimate is the highest rated ‘intelligent virtual assistant’ platform based on hundreds of real customer reviews on G2. Find out why customers choose to partner with Ultimate.

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Most powerful AI, tailored to you

At Ultimate, cutting-edge AI built in-house is at the very core of our product. Our AI has supervised and unsupervised learning capabilities, so its performance always outperforms traditional AI and can be easily deployed at scale.

We start by training your unique AI model on your historical support data. This helps determine what to automate first and ensures your virtual agent understands your customers' language, context and tone of voice to deliver an intelligent, on-brand experience every time.

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Highest-rated customer success

With 9.7/10 on G2 for Quality of Support against an average of 9.2/10 for the industry as a whole, our customers will tell you that we deliver supercharged customer support. From day one of our interactive onboarding Bootcamp to our Post-Launch Success Plan tailored to your goals, we empower you to become an expert in all things automation.

Our ongoing support includes:


Weekly health reviews of your virtual agent’s performance with expert analytics


Custom recommendations for CX and AI best practices every step of your journey


Quarterly strategic syncs to ensure your automation goals are being met

Why Ultimate.

Build deeper connections

This is so much more than a chatbot. By integrating with your CRM and other company systems, Ultimate connects your front office to back office as a powerful addition to your tech stack.

The result? A highly customized environment. You can set up your virtual agent to perform advanced tasks such as routing and tagging to take the load off your human agents, as well as instantly retrieving relevant information for customers 24 hours a day.

Our visionary roadmap and SOC2 type 2 compliant security accreditation give your technology teams the confidence to build beyond the short-term.

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Go live in under 3 weeks

Getting started with CS automation is as rewarding as the rapid results themselves. The whole onboarding process is collaborative — from aligning on goals to building dialogue flows together — and is created with beginners-to-AI in mind. That’s why our platform is no-code, our team is constantly on call to answer launch day questions, and we tailor our support to your support. Because your success is our success.

The outcome:


Chat automation live in under 3 weeks


Ticket automation live in under 2 weeks


Reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and 24/7 multilingual support

Rating G2

"Intuitive UX and great customer service! We received great and consistent support throughout the bot building process. Building the bot was easy thanks to the great back-end UX."

Joel H, Product Manager
Rating G2

"Our complex use case seems to work beyond expectations. I have experience with competitors products and from my personal POV, it seems Ultimate's AI algorithm is a step ahead."

Atte K, Mid-market
Rating G2

The best part is the ease of getting started without any hassle. I like the way it smoothly integrates with our CRM. Automation truly at its best.”

Satvik J, CEO
Rating G2

"We were looking for a provider that integrates seamlessly with Zendesk and can do more than automate FAQs. Today we automate complex end-to-end conversations and processes, categorize tickets and help our agents navigate through their daily chats."

Aditya J, Co-Founder & COO

G2 average rating
Leader on G2

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