Why automate your support with Ultimate

For the past 6 years, Ultimate’s industry-leading customer support automation platform has helped companies from in industries ranging from telco to travel improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency with AI.

Deezer2-1 200 agent hours saved per week
Lush-card-notop-2 93% CSAT score
Verkko-card-notop-3 €330K saved each year

The customer support automation platform you won't outgrow

What sets us apart from other automation providers? Our platform is tailor-made to evolve as your business does, so you’ll never need to switch or upgrade solutions. With Ultimate, you’ll benefit from our in-house R&D team who are continually innovating to bring you the latest AI technology, a platform that is flexible and customizable so it scales as needed, and a dedicated team of CS specialists to help you achieve your goals.  


In-house AI innovation

Our in-house AI researchers constantly evolve our product to give you the benefits of the latest technology, like LLMs and generative AI, so you can create a bigger impact with less effort.


Engineered for your growth

Our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing tech ecosystem to connect and optimize every aspect of your operations and has the flexibility to evolve alongside you as your business grows.


Committed to customer success

We are customer support experts who will help create bespoke solutions to meet your exact business needs and continually collaborate to ensure you see the highest automation ROI.


expanderAutomation features

  • AI solutions
    Customizable solutions and in-house AI-research at the forefront of innovation
    Off-the-shelf AI solutions
  • Configurability
    Configurable tech that adapts and changes as you scale
    Basic configurability
  • Customer success
    Dedicated team of CS experts that will create custom solutions for you
    One-size-fits all solutions
  • Multilingual capabilities
    Language agnostic platform that understands 109 languages
    Translation layer for multilingual interactions and/or limited language capabilities
  • Omnichannel automation
    Automates all digital text-based interactions across chat, email, messaging and more
    Limited omnichannel capabilities
  • LLM integration
    Build a custom gen AI-powered bot in minutes by connecting UltimateGPT to your help center
    No integration or simple ChatGPT plug-in

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The customer support automation platform you won't outgrow