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Scale your support smarter with generative AI

Automate +80% of your support requests across all digital channels with the next generation of AI-powered bots. Effortlessly elevate CX, empower your agents, and enhance efficiency with Ultimate’s AI agents. 


The road to +80% automation

Set out on the path to scalable support success with Ultimate's AI agents. As a part of Zendesk, we bring the tools, the team, and the tactics that can take you from 0 to +80% automation across digital support channels, including chat, email, messaging, and more.

  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • +80%

RotateRT60-1 Want to start your journey to +80%?


Fast-track your success

Start automating in minutes with UltimateGPT, then use our intuitive, no-code Dialogue Builder to tackle more complex use cases. Our Customer Success and Professional Services teams will be there by your side to help optimize your bot, design and build custom integrations, and provide strategic support to expand into new regions and markets. 


Maximize results with minimal overhead

AI agents don’t simply automate your support; they can also improve CX, boost loyalty, and even generate direct revenue. Combine that with freeing up your agents to work on more complex queries and automating 80% of use cases end-to-end, and you’ve got a solution that will pay dividends.


Scale to new heights together

Our hands-on Customer Success team and streamlined onboarding process ensure that you hit your automation goals, fast. And we don’t stop there — we’re committed to helping you achieve success with Zendesk and Ultimate, and building a lasting partnership with your company. 

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Watch Ultimate in action

See how our AI-powered platform automates support across channels to help your support team do more with less.

The world’s leading companies trust Ultimate

60% first contact resolution rate
93% CSAT
“With the pandemic and now a global recession, we’re not in a position to make our Customer Care team bigger and bigger. So we needed to make agents’ jobs easier by taking away the repetitive questions.”
Naomi Rankin,
Global Customer Care Manager, Lush
49% automation rate
900% increase in volumes handled
“An eye-opening experience on what’s possible with AI. We now give +30% faster responses across all cases, with increased per agent output and job satisfaction.”
Satu Karaksela,
Service Manager (Digital Customer Service), Finnair
66% automation rate
$14K monthly savings
"We currently have 81 salons and are going to grow to 160 this year – without growing our reception staff. And with automation, we’re able to do that while offering way better CX and getting higher reviews."
Austin Towns,
CTO, Hello Sugar
28% deflection rate
100% first contact automation rate
“When choosing a bot provider, it’s really about what the implementation looks like. We were focused on the ease of use with building and on the quality of the product features. That’s where Ultimate won.”
Mimi Erlick,
Senior Program Manager, Taskrabbit
57% automation rate
150% increase in volumes handled
“Changing monthly payments, updating an address: We analyzed our data and found 70% of all customer questions could be grouped into 5-6 topics. These turned into the intents we began automating first.”
Bob Molenaar,
Digital Experience Manager, Vandebron

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