Customer service

If your customer service agents are typing the same answers day after day, we can help you automate the repetitive questions using deep learning.

Customer care in your language

Your language not on the list? We can train more language models upon request.

The process

We digest your chat history
Train the deep neural network
Your AI customer service agent is ready!

Scalable solution for chat

Our deep learning models are built for enterprise level customer support where there is already historical data but also the need for scaling the AI when new data comes in.

We believe the best system is the one that functions on it's own without the need for continuous human interaction. We make sure our models learn by observing the human customer service agents work. asks for the human only when it's not able to provide answers.

Why Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a revolutionary technique which works really well on language understanding. Language is complicated and it is impossible to write manually all the rules needed to understand us humans. With deep learning we can let the network figure out the things that matter for each language and reach near human level understanding.

Deep learning is behind many systems of tomorrow from language translation and speech recognition to AI's beating masters in poker.

Latest Work

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