TeleClinic at a glance


The customer

TeleClinic is a platform that matches patients with doctors for online consultations via mobile app.


The market

Since launching in 2015, TeleClinic has emerged as Germany's leading provider of telemedicine. They serve a two-sided market of healthcare professionals and patients.


The support team

A team of 20 customer service agents provide round-the-clock support to TeleClinic users.


The channels

TeleClinic offers automated support via both ticket and chat.


The situation

When the pandemic created an unforeseen spike in demand, TeleClinic knew they needed to automate. Since then, their unique use cases have called for an even more sophisticated automation solution


The solution

Not only did Ultimate help agents manage a 500% uptick in requests during the pandemic, but it has since enabled them to separately serve both doctors and patients via two custom-built bots.

Why TeleClinic continues to trust Ultimate

TeleClinic experienced a 500% increase in requests during the pandemic, which was overwhelming for their support team to say the least. From where they saw it: they could either hire and onboard a lot more people quickly, or automate processes to support their existing team. When faced with this decision, it was clear that AI-powered automation was the only logical choice. After researching other competitors, TeleClinic chose Ultimate as the best automation solution to meet their complex use cases in serving both doctors and patients. They also needed to work with an automation provider located in the EU to ensure GDPR compliance, and Ultimate fit the bill. 

Three years later, Ultimate’s automation solution continues to help remove barriers in access for people seeking telemedical support – and to the doctors looking to provide it. For example, both patients and doctors are able to self-serve much more quickly through the platform, with a whopping workload reduction of 18.9 hours per ticket. TeleClinic has also been able to steadily reduce costs, with €100,504.42 saved in 2023 alone. They’ve achieved all this while keeping their agents happy, too. Due to upticks in requests during hay fever season or when there is a stomach bug going around, agent workload remains stable thanks to automation. As a result, agent NPS score has been a steady 8.5/10. From a global pandemic to hay fever season, TeleClinic feels prepared to weather whatever the future holds thanks to Ultimate's automation solution.

“Giving the right answer to our users is crucial to us. We wanted to work with a EU-based company to ensure GDPR compliance, and Ultimate could provide the right mix between suggestion and automation.”

Philipp Weidenbach
Head of Patient Operations, TeleClinic

Total savings in 2023 €100.5K
Workload reduction per ticket 18.9 hrs
Chat automation rate 37%

AI use case spotlight: prioritizing requests

  • TeleClinic’s support team accommodates both time-pressed doctors and patients in need. They needed an automation solution to make it easier for doctors to prioritize requests so that patients could receive care faster.

  • They have successfully launched a second Doctor Bot that structures and categorizes requests, then forwards them to the right department to ensure they are connected with the right human agents as quickly as possible. 

  • As a result, doctors are able to input data more efficiently, meaning that patients receive the care they need at a much faster rate. In fact, automation has resulted in a workload reduction of 18.9 hours per ticket.

AI use case spotlight: accurate responses to sensitive questions

  • Telemedicine is a complex, sensitive matter, where a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. That's why automation at all costs would never be the right solution for TeleClinic.

  • Rather, TeleClinic’s agents have really appreciated the way their bots offer a helping hand when it comes to customer care. As one agent put it, “Thanks to the bot we now get pre-structured client requests and it makes it so much easier to really support them with their actual concern.”

  • Ultimate's platform is GDPR and SOC-2 type 2 compliant, so TeleClinic can be sure their customers' sensitive medical data is always protected.

The success story


Custom-built virtual agent

Telemedicine is a naturally complex industry so TeleClinic loves our solution that provides tailored support to both time-pressed doctors and patients in need.


Scalable solution

With a bot taking care of common customer requests, TeleClinic can meet fluctuating demand — without increasing agents’ workload.


Secure data handling

Given the sensitive nature of the requests TeleClinic’s support team handles, they needed an automation partner they could rely on to treat customer data securely.


Headless automation platform

Their bot sits inside their existing tech stack and seamlessly integrates with their CRM, Zendesk. Ultimate analytics dashboard provides clear and easy to use stats.

Next on their automation journey

In a high-stakes and ever-changing industry like telemedicine, TeleClinic is always thinking about how they can up their support game by using the best that CX automation has to offer. They are currently curious about how they can harness the potential of UltimateGPT , which uses generative AI to offer even more empathetic and efficient support as they continue to scale. 

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