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Transform how you handle tickets

Our AI-powered virtual agent resolves simple requests and automatically tags and routes complicated requests so they get to the right person, all in 109 languages. It’s the easiest way to reduce your average handle time (AHT) and scale your customer support.

Why you’ll love AI-powered ticket automation


Eliminate manual work

Instantly resolve simple requests with automatic resolutions or self-serve FAQs.


Intelligently triage requests

Automatically tag and route everything that enters your inbox so it goes to the right rep.

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Personalize the customer experience

Update and extract info from your CRM for faster resolutions and more customized CX.


Achieve zero backlog

Merge duplicate tickets, identify spam messages, and close tickets to clear your backlog.


Go live in under 2 weeks

Ultimate’s onboarding bootcamp is quick and easy, so you can start automating right away.

Ultimate’s unique ticket automation platform


AI-powered technology

We use AI and NLP to decipher what your customers really want, instead of relying on keywords.


Holistic virtual agent platform

Combine ticketing, tagging, and routing with chat automation for a full-service virtual agent.


The easiest way to get started

Automate as much or as little as you’d like and add topics as your virtual agent learns and grows.


Speak your customers’ language

Easily serve multiple markets with a multilingual bot that understands 109 languages.

Go live in under 2 weeks