expondo at a glance


The customer

expondo is a leading marketplace specialized in professional equipment for the service, construction, health and wellness industries


The market

expondo's support team serves customers in German and English


The support team

Of expondo's 400 employees, 90 are support agents.


The channels

They primarily use ticketing, but are looking to offer live chat automation as well.


The situation

expondo wanted to save time and improve efficiency in handling requests — without compromising on quality of customer support.


The solution

With the help of a virtual agent, they were able to implement intelligent triage in the form of automated email ticket tagging, auto-filling, and routing.

Getting started with Ultimate

After looking at several AI automation providers that are compatible with expondo’s CRM (Zendesk), Gerardo Di Sapio, process and tool administrator chose Ultimate. Onboarding was a synch, and their bot was up and running in just a few days.

Now, he automates email triage for 10 popular intents, such as Where is My Order (WISMO) using labeling and tagging. As a result, expondo now saves 3 minutes per ticket thanks to ticket automation.
"I use tags for a better workflow within the ticket system, including reporting and ticket assignments, and for a faster setup in Zendesk settings, like triggers or automations."

Gerardo Di Sapio
Process and Tool Administrator, expondo


AI use case spotlight: going live in just 5 days

  • On day 1, Gerardo's Customer Success Manager from Ultimate, Frances, takes Gerardo through Automation 101. They work on a clearly defined go-live agenda.  

  • On day 2, Gerardo runs Ultimate’s AI-powered Automation Explorer tool, revealing expondo’s most common requests based on their unique support data. The top 10 will become intents that trigger automated conversation flows.

  • During the course of days 3, 4, and 5, Gerardo integrates Ultimate with Zendesk with just one click. He's able to do that because we're a headless automation provider: Ultimate's virtual agent seamlessly sits within Zendesk, so there's no need to sync or manually import data.

The success story


Intelligent triage

The top 10 will become intents that trigger automated conversation flows.



expondo can offer support with native level fluency in up to 109 languages.



expondo started out implementing automated ticketing, but now are looking to expand to live chat as well.



Not only were they able to go live in just 5 days, but they also save an average of 3 minutes per ticket.

What's next

  • After seeing a quick and easy win with ticketing, expondo is now looking at slowly unrolling chat automation

  • They'd like to gradually expand to offer support in more languages

  • They'd love to implement an API integration to automate common intents end-to-end 

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