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Generative AI 101

Your one-stop shop to get the lowdown on generative AI basics.

  • What is generative AI?

    Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that is able to process huge amounts of data to create entirely new output. Depending on the training data you use (and what you want the AI model to be able to do) this output might be text, images, videos, and even audio content. 

    Unlike traditional AI systems (like conversational AI) that simply recognize patterns and make predictions, generative AI — as the name suggests — can actually generate new content. 

  • How does generative AI work?

    Generative AI works by training models on large datasets (for example, large language models or LLMs) to learn patterns and relationships within the data. These models, often based on neural networks, use this learned knowledge to generate new content that follows the learned patterns, producing outputs that are creative and original.

  • How is generative AI used in customer support?

    Generative AI has many use cases in customer support, including:

    • Increasing the speed and efficiency of interactions with customers,
    • Providing 24/7, multilingual support, 
    • Creating instantly effective, accurate AI chatbots.

    Essentially by letting AI handle routine inquiries and automating parts of the customer service process, generative AI improves customer experience while quickly and easily allowing companies to scale their customer support.

  • Does Ultimate use generative AI?

    Yes, Ultimate was one of the first customer support automation platforms to adopt generative AI. We released UltimateGPT, our integration with OpenAI’s revolutionary technology, back in April 2023, and we’ve been iterating upon it ever since. 

    The most updated version of UltimateGPT allows you to create your own bot in minutes by simply plugging it into your help center, and uses GPT-4, the latest and greatest gen AI technology. 

Generative AI lightning talks

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