TransferGo at a glance


The customer

Founded in 2012, TransferGo is a rising fintech star: They’ve partnered with 30 banks to date, and were recently named “one of the 5 hottest scale-ups in the UK” by the TNW (The Next Web) website.


The market

A considerable part of TransferGo’s customer base uses their services to send money to their home countries from abroad. This makes multilingual customer experiences crucial to TransferGo's success.


The support team

TransferGo's team offers support in English, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Ukrainian. They were looking to find a chat automation tool that could do the same.


The channels

The support team responds to requests via secure chat via their CRM platform, Zendesk.


The situation

At TransferGo, providing speedy, responsive, and targeted support is a top priority. They were looking for a multilingual virtual agent that could handle self-serve intents such as changing names, addresses, or phone numbers both reliably and quickly.


The solution

Within their first months online, TransferGo fully automated 54% of their English-language chat conversations. Additionally, they achieved a 61% automation rate for Russian queries, which make up the most messages.

Getting Started with Ultimate

A considerable part of TransferGo’s customer base uses their services to send money to their home countries from abroad. This makes providing secure, multilingual customer experiences crucial to TransferGo's success. They knew that if they were going to scale their CX effectively, they would need to find a chat automation tool that could offer data-protected support in all of the languages spoken by their customers. 

Ultimate's chatbot not only offers flawless multilingual support in 109 languages, but it does so securely and reliably as an SOC2 type-2 compliant company. Between Ultimate's 1-click integration with Zendesk and its no-code platform, they were successfully automating over half of  intents within the first three months of using their new virtual agent.

"A good employee experience is one where you challenge your staff in just the right way - rather than making them deal with tedious and repetitive tasks."

Povilas Ciuplys
Chief Customer Officer, TransferGo

CRM Integration Zendesk-TransferGo-1
Automated conversations in English 54%
Automation rate for Russian-language queries 61%

AI use case spotlight: no-code automation

  • Ultimate’s automation platform is entirely no-code, eliminating any barriers for non-technically trained staff to get started with it immediately.

  • As Iveta Liaudanskaite, Senior Customer Support Specialist at TransferGo, explained it, "The whole platform is incredibly user-friendly. It's easy to understand what each tab means and how it provides value for us. It’s also easy for new joiners to learn how to use the multilingual tool." 

  • As a result, TransferGo was able to quickly automate classic self-serve issues, provide fast and high-value support, and keep up the support team's morale.

The success story


Support in 7 languages

TransferGo's virtual agent is fluent in English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Lithuanian, and Turkish.


No-code automation

Ultimate's chatbot doesn't require any prior technical knowledge, making it accessible to all members of TransferGo's support team.


Data secure

TransferGo offers secure and reliable support, with all chats protected under the GDPR, the toughest data privacy law in the world.


Happy staff = satisfied customers

Povilas believes that the key to a good customer experience is a good employee experience. Automation support maximized value for their customers while also making agent's lives easier.

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