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Why use Ultimate & Intercom to automate your support?

Integrate Ultimate with Intercom for the very best AI-powered automation in combination with human support. Here are the benefits you'll see:

  1. For your customers

    Provide faster, better, more personalized customer support — at any time of day, in 109 languages, on your customers’ preferred channels.

  2. For your CS team

    Free your agents from repetitive, manual tasks and give them the tools they need to manage high ticket volumes and seasonal surges.

  3. For your business

    Maximize productivity and drive support-led growth with a platform that increases the ROI of every tool you already use. And did we mention you won’t have to hire a single extra agent?


The Ultimate x Intercom advantage

Headless approach

Avoid data silos and disruptions to your tech stack with an automation platform that sits inside Intercom and integrates with all the tech you already use. 

Personalized CX, customized UX

Adapt chat conversations across channels to personalize, diversify, and customize your communication strategy, including through the use of rich messaging.

Secure data handling

Relax knowing your private data is safe with us. Trust is our number 1 value at Ultimate, and we’re both GDPR and SOC2 type-2 compliant (just like Intercom).

Multilingual support

Serve a global customer base without hiring local agents, and offer native-level support in up to 109 languages.

"We were able to quickly integrate Ultimate into the rest of our environment and it helps us be there for our customers even longer and faster. It is an absolute asset for our company."

Patricia Z.
Small business, reviewed on G2

How to start automating your support with an Intercom integration


1. Import your unique data

Connect your knowledge base to UltimateGPT to launch right away or manually import your customer data


2. Click to integrate

Integrate Ultimate with your Intercom chatbot in a single click to go live within minutes


3. Train your bot

Our AI-powered Training Center automatically suggests improvements to answer queries even more accurately over time


4. Provide omnichannel support

Provide a customized experience for each brand and across every channel


5. Measure automation success

Build reports and evaluate your bot's performance in our analytics dashboard

Add the power of Ultimate x Intercom to your customer support