DiscoverCars at a glance


The customer

DiscoverCars is an online platform that provides rental car bookings.


The market

They serve customers around the world in 19 languages.


The support team

A team of 66 agents provides support to customers with the help of their bot, Carla.


The channels

DiscoverCars offers support via email and chat. Ultimate seamlessly integrates with their support stack and with Zendesk, their CRM.


The situation

With growing consumer demand but limited resources, DiscoverCars was looking to speedily scale their support in a cost-effective way.


The solution

UltimateGPT, our generative AI-powered automation solution, was easy to use and quick to get started. Carla is now considered a valued member of the team.

Getting started with Ultimate

DiscoverCars wanted to scale their support in order to better serve their customers and to meet the demands of seasonal travel spikes. The problem was that, with business busier than ever, they had limited resources to continuously hire and train new support staff. Endorsed on Zendesk's list of top CX automation providers, they chose Ultimate as the best solution to meet their support needs. Guleysha Hasanova, DiscoverCars’ Automation and Helpdesk Manager, was instantly impressed by the intuitive dialogue builder and how our AI tools provided quick time to value without requiring a ton of technical know-how. 

Thanks to their stellar Customer Success Manager, Frances Naguit, within just two months their chatbot, Carla, was fully operational. As Guleysha recalls, “Frances was the best teacher. She took us from baby steps to the advanced level on Ultimate. She helped me to see that I could easily manage our bot without prior technical background.” But the benefits didn’t stop there. Carla is now a valued member of the team who does the work of 1.5 agents. She is helping them to clear their ticket backlog, and saves their human agents an average of 110 hours a week. All of this has resulted in an improved CSAT score, which has jumped from 68% to 73% since launching their bot.

"Guleysha was committed to DiscoverCars' onboarding process and ensured all potential use cases for automation were explored. With her experience and thoughtfulness, she was the perfect person to build and manage the bot."

Frances Naguit
Customer Success Manager, Ultimate

Agent hours saved per month 440
Bot handled rate 35%
CSAT 73%

AI use case spotlight #1: Automation upskills agents

  • Not only has Carla become a big help to DiscoverCars’ support team, but automation has also helped power more rewarding support careers at DiscoverCars. 
  • Guleysha reflects on her career trajectory, noting that, “Before I was purely a customer support agent, and now I’m on the backend overseeing Carla as the person carrying out our automation projects. I have a lot of freedom, and I’m really proud of the work I’m doing.”
  • DiscoverCars even hopes to expand its bot-building team by bringing another agent on board as a bot manager, as the importance of this function within the world of CX continues to grow.

AI use case spotlight #2: Instantly offering multilingual support with UltimateGPT

  • DiscoverCars wanted to offer support in several languages without the hassle of individually translating pre-programmed replies in each new language. 
  • After watching a demo of our generative AI tool, UltimateGPT, they were excited to give it a try. With UltimateGPT, they were able to instantly automate in 5 languages simply by connecting to their existing knowledge base. 
  • This has contributed to an improved CSAT score, by providing more customers with the ability to make queries in the languages of choice.

The success story


Scaling support, without increasing costs

Automation has helped DiscoverCars to tackle their ticket backlog and meet seasonal spikes, all without having to hire and train new agents.


Intuitive, no-code solution

Ultimate’s AI solution was easy to learn and accessible without needing previous technical know-how. It also seamlessly integrated with their existing CRM, Zendesk.


Improving the customer experience

DiscoverCars now offers round-the-clock support thanks to Carla. Since getting started with automation, they’ve seen their CSAT increase too.


Quick time to value

Thanks to an personalized onboarding experience with a dedicated CSM, DiscoverCars was able to launch their bot – and reap the benefits of automation – both quickly and easily.

“We are a support team of 66 members, but with Carla we are 67. She’s already an agent here, and we even want to promote her! We expect her to take on the work of 4 or 5 agents in the coming years.”



Guleysha Hasanova

Automation and Helpdesk Manager, DiscoverCars

Next on their automation journey

Having already tried and loved Ultimate’s generative AI offering, UltimateGPT, they’re excited to continue using it as it evolves further. Right now, the latest version is powered by GPT4. They feel so confident in the capabilities of this generative AI solution that they’ve also decided to proudly feature Carla on the front page of their website, rather than gated behind a login. As a forward-thinking business, they know that automation will continue to help future-proof their CX. 

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