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Stay ahead of the curve with the latest AI developments

Revolutionize your customer support with the most advanced conversational and generative AI technology. Our ongoing commitment to innovation — including building the technology behind ChatGPT into our platform — will put you ahead of the competition, and enable you to deliver personalized experiences at scale and drive ROI through customer support.

Why your business needs AI for customer support


Instant scalability

Easily scale your support team’s capacity to deal with unexpected spikes in demand, handle the holiday season or extend your operating hours with the platform that has the flexibility to grow as your business does.


Efficient support & increased cost savings

Accurate AI enables your virtual agent to instantly resolve up to 60% of cases, driving down average handle time, cost per ticket, and even overhead support costs as you scale your business.


More personalization & better CX

Build a custom bot based on your help center or use your historical support data to create an even more personalized experience. Then add backend API integrations to deliver world-class CX at scale.

What’s unique about our AI technology?

  1. Fastest time to value

    Automate your support instantly with the groundbreaking technology that’s powering ChatGPT. Plug your help center directly into UltimateGPT and you'll be giving your customers accurate, human-like responses in no time.

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  2. Multilingual performance

    Ultimate has the broadest language support of any conversational AI platform out there. Your virtual agent is entirely language agnostic: it understands and can be trained in 109 languages, and it doesn’t use a translation layer that can introduce inaccuracies.

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  3. Our approach to AI

    At Ultimate we believe every customer and every business case is unique. That’s why our in-house AI team is constantly researching the latest AI technologies, like LLMs and generative AI, and builds customized solutions for each specific use case.


How our platform uses AI for customer support

  1. UltimateGPT: ChatGPT for support

    Streamline your support with UltimateGPT, an LLM and generative AI-powered AI chatbot. This revolutionary technology plugs directly into your help center to build a bot in minutes. With near-instant time to value and no training required, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get started with customer support automation.

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  2. Automation Explorer

    Connect your CRM to this free tool to analyze all your past support data to find your most common customer requests. Using a technique called clustering, the AI identifies and then visualizes the most common topics, so you know what to automate first.

    Analyze your support
  3. Training Center

    Maximize your virtual agent’s potential by training it on real customer interactions in the Training Center. Our AI evaluates conversations with your customers and suggests solutions for improving the accuracy of your bot, so it gets better and better over time.

  4. Industry-leading NLP & NLU

    Our proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) technology are built by our team of in-house AI experts. Ultimate’s NLU engine outperforms the competition, especially when it comes to smaller datasets, so you know you’re using the most accurate AI on the market.

    Read NLU benchmarking study

What our customers love about our AI-powered customer support

Rating G2
"I was surprised by how well the AI worked in the beginning even with a small amount of data."
Administrator in Information Technology and Services, Enterprise
Rating G2
"The text recognition works very well, so that customer requests are assigned to the correct intent. In case of an escalation to an agent, the agents are shown different suggested answers. This makes work easier and increases customer satisfaction."
Philipp W, Mid-market
Rating G2
"The accuracy of the intent recognition model is outstanding even with large amounts of answers like in our bot. Adding new content and training the bot is easy and intuitive."
Oskari U, Manager, RPA & AI
Rating G2
"Very attentive support and well outlined onboarding. Intent recognition quite impressive"
Administrator in Computer Software, Mid-market

G2 average rating
Leader on G2

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