Storytel at a glance


The customer

Storytel is a Swedish audiobook and ebook subscription service.


The market

Storytel is available in more than 25 countries with core markets in the Nordics.


The support team

26 agents provide localized support to customers throughout Europe and beyond.


The channels

Customer care is available 24/7 via both ticket and chat.


The situation

Their business was growing, and Storytel needed to find a way to scale their support without compromising on the quality of their CX.


The solution

Storytel now provides support in 13+ languages via ticket automation as well as chat, a channel they launched from scratch using Ultimate.

Getting started with Ultimate

Storytel believes in making it easy for customers to get help because they know that a good CX is key for building brand love. As their business began to grow, more subscribers meant more queries. They wanted to scale their support by offering customers more options to self-serve without skimping on their high standards for quality customer care. Being that they serve markets in 25 countries and counting, they needed to do all this in a localized, multilingual way.

To meet these challenges, they turned to Ultimate. It was easy for Storytel to start (and scale!) ticket automation, thanks to Ultimate's quick and easy integration with their CRM, Zendesk. In fact, they were able to go live in just 15 days. From there, they have expanded to serve customers in 13+ languages through automation. They have even added a new channel: chat, which has led to faster response times and the ability to offer their customers round-the-clock support. As a result, Storytel has achieved a 22% automation rate, and their bot has taken on 20% of their agents’ workload enabling them to focus on more complex queries. 

“I firmly believe that making it easy for customers to get help in using our product and services makes them even more loyal and therefore, I wanted to provide 24/7 support for our customers. Ultimate helped us do that.”

Christopher Nørskov
Head of Customer Support Operations, Storytel

Agent workload saved 20%
Languages offered 13+
Chat bot-handled rate (BHR) 40%

AI use case spotlight #1: How Storytel automated support in over a dozen languages

  • It was critical that Storytel could offer support in all the language markets they serve – and their automated options were no exception. 

  • Ultimate enabled them to integrate with Sunshine Conversations in Zendesk to offer support in their choice of 109 languages. They started with Danish and Swedish and then gradually added more to reach a total of 13+ languages within the first 9 months. 

  • This gradual approach allowed them to enhance their CX by offering support to customers around the world, 24/7.

AI use case spotlight #2: Scaling support by launching a new channel from scratch

  • Storytel was looking to offer their customers more options for resolving their queries. This is why they turned to chat automation – a completely new channel they launched from scratch.
  • From goal setting through execution and maintenance, they were supported in bringing their bot, Stella, to life. Their contacts on Ultimate's CS team were available to answer questions on Slack and provided Storytel with numerous touch points and check-ins along the way. 

  • With chat, Storytel has achieved a 40% bot handled rate (BHR) with their bot, Stella. 

The success story


Seamlessly integrated

It was easy for Storytel to get started with our ticket automation solution because of its fast-and-easy integration with their CRM, Zendesk.


Time efficient

Storytel launched ticket automation in just 15 days. This resulted in a 20% reduction in agents' workload.



Storytel scaled their support by offering chat automation, an entirely new channel they launched from scratch. They felt supported every step of the way thanks to their hands-on CS contacts at Ultimate.



Over the last 9 months, Storytel rolled out automated support in 13+ languages and counting, as our industry leading conversational AI offers 109 languages to choose from.

Next on their automation journey

Even though Storytel is happy with what they’ve accomplished, they are looking forward to scaling their support to even greater heights. They are especially interested in UltimateGPT - which uses the AI technology that powers ChatGPT - to find the correct answer from an existing help center, summarize it, and instantly answer customers’ questions.

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