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From bookings to baggage, automate FAQs and optimize workflows with AI:



Allow your customers to add a bag, upgrade a room, check on a flight status or change ticket dates with ease.



Process payments directly in conversation and provide opportunities for your travelers to pay for add-ons and upgrades.


Account details

Resolve login problems and allow customers to update their personal details like password, telephone number or email address without any agent involvement.


In-destination support

Lost baggage? Check-in issues? Can’t find the tour guide? No problem. Deliver immediate, multilingual, 24/7 support and escalate complex queries to agents when necessary.


How Finnair handled a 900% surge in queries with automation

"Of course we didn’t know it then, but we were perfectly prepared to react to the Covid crisis: Our automation tools and processes were already established and solid, and that was an invaluable help to minimize the impact on our service agents and, of course, our customers."

Satu Karaksela
Service Manager, Digital Customer Service, Finnair

Most common automation use cases for travel brands


Book additional baggage

Personalize response regarding any charges or allowances when requesting additional baggage.

Book additional baggage


Customers want to add additional baggage to a booking that they've made and contact support to ask how to do this.


Check the baggage allowance for a specific flight, using a custom integration. Give a personalized response dependent on the ticket purchased.


Request review

Embed a review form directly into chat widget to increase number of reviews.

Request review


Many businesses rely on reviews from their customers, but it can be challenging to encourage them to do this via a third party website.


Embed a Trustpilot review form at the end of a dialogue that has reached a resolution. This removes the need for customers to navigate to the Trustpilot webpage in order to leave a review, which in turn increases the number of reviews that will be received.


Change flights

Personalize response and process any additional charges that might apply.

Change flights


Customer contacts support to request to change their flight, an interaction that requires potentially multiple touches and therefore can create a poor experience if there is no opportunity to get an immediate response.


Check the customer's booking details, using a custom integration, to see if any charges apply. Give the customer an immediate, personalized answer, update the information in the backend systems and process any additional charges that might apply.


How Aurinkomatkat upped efficiency and empowered agents

“We could not handle the amount of chats we have now without the virtual agent.”

Olli Vikman
Service Manager, Aurinkomatkat
Rating G2

"Intuitive UX and great customer service! We received great and consistent support throughout the bot building process. Building the bot was easy thanks to the great back-end UX."

Joel H, Product Manager
Rating G2

"Our complex use case seems to work beyond expectations. I have experience with competitors products and from my personal POV, it seems Ultimate's AI algorithm is a step ahead."

Atte K, Mid-market
Rating G2

The best part is the ease of getting started without any hassle. I like the way it smoothly integrates with our CRM. Automation truly at its best.”

Satvik J, CEO
Rating G2

"We were looking for a provider that integrates seamlessly with Zendesk and can do more than automate FAQs. Today we automate complex end-to-end conversations and processes, categorize tickets and help our agents navigate through their daily chats."

Aditya J, Co-Founder & COO

G2 average rating
Leader on G2

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