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New Trails to Success With & Salesforce

The story of Salesforce and is full of commonalities and the successful integration was simply a question of time.

When it comes to founding a company based on new, disruptive technology, Salesforce and have a lot in common. The famous CRM provider was established in 1999 based on an innovation that was perceived as disruptive as artificial intelligence is today: the internet. Back then, the goal was to improve customer experience by providing software in a fast and convenient way: via online self-service. What soon became known as Saas, replaced old fashioned CD-Rom based tooling. Today, Salesforce is dominating the CRM market with a share of 19,5% in 2018, followed by SAP with 8,3%. is pursuing a very similar goal, with making today's intelligent technology accessible for everyone to enable a better customer experience. Both companies represent innovation like few others, with Salesforce being named the most innovative company for eight years in a row and ranked as one of the top innovative start-ups in Germany - both by Forbes magazine. With these strategic commonalities, a partnership was a question of time.

Fun facts: 3 commonalities of Salesforce &

  1. Both companies have four founders. Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez founded Salesforce in 1999. Reetu Kainulainen, Markus Rautio, Jaako Pasanen and Sarah Al-Hussaini founded in 2016.
  2. Both founder teams love office dogs. Salesforce’s Dave Moellenhoff and Marc Benioff brought their dogs into the first office in San Francisco. Daves golden retriever named Koa was soon promoted to CLO - Chief Love Officer. welcomes currently six dogs in both offices in Berlin and Helsinki. Founder Sarah Al-Hussaini's Shiba Inu dog Loki was recently announced as the ultimate COM - Chief of Mischief on the companies Instagram channel.
  3. Both companies have breakfast traditions. It is a badly kept secret that the early Salesforce team used to have regular brunches at Mama’s on Washington Square in San Francisco. The popular breakfast place still exists, right below the original Salesforce office. follows a similar tradition. No one starts working before enjoying a proper team breakfast every Monday morning.

Salesforce noticed in 2017, that the integration with became a buying decision-making criteria for Scandinavian prospects and customers. Finnair and Finish telecommunication giant Elisa insisted on integrating’s bot technology into their CRM solution. This sparked interest throughout Salesforce’s European market and solution engineer teams and lead quickly into a structured partnership. In June 2019 released an app on Salesforce’s marketplace, making the integration seamless and simple.

Customers commonly start a first chatbot pilot with Salesforce and expand to multiple languages and advanced conversational competences later on with The start-up’s handmade deep learning models work like an intelligent layer and enable customers to launch customer service chatbots in all languages. This skill made the go-to-solution for users especially in emerging markets with complex and technologically less developed languages. Today, the unique multilingual capability for conversational AI is the driving feature for the partnership between both tech leaders.

Actually, the advanced and wide ecosystem of Salesforce offers a lot of opportunities to automate. As’s largest customers are using the CRM, new product features are released here with priority. Furthermore, the start-up constantly iterates and extends tasks and process automation.

We've been working really closely with our clients to improve our degree of integration and to add new integrations. Which is the reason why we are quite advanced when it comes to Salesforce. We are deeply assimilated into the process and can automate a range of functions.” - Reetu Kainulainen, CEO

For 2020, both companies are planning further projects together. The mid-term goal is to move the collaboration to an entirely new level and to continue helping customers to discover new and disruptive trails to success.

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