Meet UltimateGPT: The LLM-Powered Bot to Revolutionize Your Support

A chatbot conversation with Ultimate's newest product, UltimateGPT chatting with a customer.

At our latest product launch, we unveiled UltimateGPT, the LLM-powered bot that plugs directly into your help center to build a bot in minutes. Here’s how UltimateGPT is simplifying support automation and transforming customer service as we know it.

Our mission here at Ultimate is to build a customer support automation platform that our customers won’t outgrow. And a big part of that is staying on top of the latest trends and innovating to keep up with advancements in AI technology. That’s why we’ve developed UltimateGPT, a groundbreaking new product that integrates the power of ChatGPT into your support center.

Gaining over 100 million users within two months of launch, ChatGPT has unquestionably revolutionized how the world thinks about AI and its capabilities. And while we’ve actually been using the very technology that powers ChatGPT: transformers (which is what the T in GPT stands for) and large language models (LLMs), for the past 6 years, ChatGPT has catapulted this tech into the public consciousness, broadening use cases in all facets of society.

And the business case is clear: leveraging Open AI’s LLM in combination with Ultimate’s customer support automation platform minimizes effort and maximizes productivity for businesses. So to uphold our mission, we’ve developed a bot that plugs ChatGPT directly into your support center to build a custom chatbot in minutes.

Check out how it works for yourself below in this live demo from our product launch event:

What started as a pilot project to explore what was possible with LLMs evolved into what UltimateGPT is today. We transparently assessed the strengths and challenges of Open AI's technology and took our community on a journey as we built the technology powering ChatGPT into our product in real time.

Check out the Humanized AI series to see the journey that led to building UltimateGPT.

UltimateGPT is the easiest and fastest way to get started with customer support automation. Your bot is entirely built on your existing help center, so using the power of LLMs, it can instantly and accurately respond to your customers. And the best part? No training or maintenance is required. It simply takes on all the frontline customer support tasks, streamlining your support processes, improving response times, and allowing your agents to focus on more complex cases.

Of course that’s just the beginning for Ultimate and generative AI. But more about our product roadmap for UltimateGPT later.

How UltimateGPT works

Because UltimateGPT is a generative AI, LLM-based bot, it can tap into any textual knowledge source — like your help center or your product catalog — and immediately start having human-like conversations with your customers without any training. It scrapes the data source, pinpoints the answer to your customers’ questions, summarizes it, and responds correctly. Essentially, if the answer exists in your help center, UltimateGPT can find it and resolve your customers’ requests.

It’s also extremely quick to set up. You simply connect your CRM using a supported CRM integration (with Zendesk, Salesforce or Freshworks) or use our API to connect to your custom CRM. This takes a few minutes, and then your bot is ready to go right away.

“LLM-powered virtual agents get incredible results, amazing automation rates, and deliver very human-like experiences with significantly less effort. I’ve seen the future, and it’s truly incredible.”

- Reetu Kainulainen, CEO & Co-founder, Ultimate

Why you and your support team will love UltimateGPT

One of the biggest benefits of using UltimateGPT is that there's no training required. Unlike traditional AI chatbots, UltimateGPT can start having human-like conversations with your customers right out of the box. You don’t need to set up an intent structure or design conversations; the LLM can immediately respond to your customers as soon as it’s plugged into your help center.

What’s more, it can act as a co-pilot for your agents. Your bot can assist your agents by surfacing existing knowledge to customers before escalating it to them, providing faster responses to your customers, improving customer — and agent — satisfaction.

In addition to upping customer and agent satisfaction, UltimateGPT helps businesses save on operating and maintenance costs. By automating some of the most common customer requests, businesses can reduce the workload on their customer support teams, allowing them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

What’s next for UltimateGPT?

While UltimateGPT’s current capabilities are groundbreaking already, it feels like the sky's the limit for generative AI technology. So here are a few soon-to-be-available use cases that are on our product roadmap.

“LLMs in general and ChatGPT in particular can open doors to amazing use cases. It’s a great showcase of how far large language models can take the conversational experience.”

– Udi Miron, VP of Product, Ultimate

Soon, UltimateGPT will be able to act as an assistant conversation designer — suggesting replies for your agents, transforming the tone of voice of existing dialogues, and more. Basically, your bot builders will save a ton of time and never encounter writer’s block again.

Additionally, UltimateGPT will help reduce agent effort and fast-track resolutions by structuring tickets. It will be able to summarize bot conversations for the agent that will take over the ticket, it will predict the category, and it will even determine the sentiment of the message. Essentially, if you have a ticket field for it, you can ask an LLM to populate it to speed up resolutions for your customers and increase efficiency for your team.

And stay tuned for future developments. Like we said… the sky’s the limit.

Want to start using UltimateGPT?

With instant time to value and no training required, UltimateGPT is the ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency. If that sounds like something your team might find useful, you can sign up for a free trial with no strings attached. It's the easiest and fastest way to get started with customer support automation.

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