Event Recap: How To Wow Customers With No-Touch Support on Zendesk

Jon Ross, Elena Husar, Reetu Kainulainen, and Hosam Hassan.
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Want to know the secret to faster, better support? The key to maximizing your automation ROI? And how to deliver joyful CX that keeps customers coming back again and again? The answer is integrations.

Not to rub it in, but if you missed our recent product event — you really missed out. Our in-house automation experts were joined by some of the most CX-obesseed companies to discuss one thing: How to harness the power of integrations to deliver seamless no-touch support on Zendesk.

But don’t let FOMO get you down. You can watch the on-demand event right here or read on for a quick recap of the highlights.

First: let’s set the scene. As the recession starts to bite, customer retention is becoming more important than ever. And when 50% of customers will switch to a competitor after just one bad experience, you have to be nailing your CX with every single interaction.

Our CEO and Co-founder Reetu Kainulainen took the floor first. He shared that 60% of customers say speedy resolutions are central to good CX. And while support teams want to deliver this, they face barriers like:

  • Long live chat queues
  • Large ticket backlogs
  • Siloed data trapped in different systems

The solution? A deeply integrated automation solution that works seamlessly within the Zendesk ecosystem — without creating new data silos or disrupting your existing tech stack. This allows you to provide customers with instant, no-touch support.

What is no-touch support?

Imagine a virtual agent that sits within Zendesk and interacts directly with your customers, using data from both your CRM and backend systems to fully automate the experience and resolve queries — all without an agent having to intervene. And there you have it: no-touch support.

Ultimate natively integrates with Zendesk and works within the Zendesk ecosystem. This means:

  • It’s quick and easy to get started with automation — just one click and you’re good to go
  • You avoid data silos and your agents don’t need to learn how to use yet another tool
  • All customers interactions are managed form once place, giving you a holistic overview of your customer base
  • You can create unique, personalized experiences across different channels — this might be greeting customers in their preferred language based on location data, or bypassing security questions if a they are already logged in

And by creating custom API integrations with your back office systems, you automate even more complex processes end-to-end.

“Do the most with your current setup, maximize the ROI of not only Zendesk but of all the technology you have.”

- Reetu Kainulainen, CEO and Co-founder of Ultimate

Reetu went on to share some of the benefits you’ll see with a deeply integrated automation solution:

  • Cut costs and maximize the ROI of your existing support tools by automating up to 82% of customer requests
  • Drive customer loyalty by providing fast, personalized support
  • Increase operational efficiency and free agents from manual tasks through automated ticket triage and smart escalation

Real ROI wins with integrations: Superbet's automation story

Next, Product Manager at igaming company Superbet, Elena Husar, spoke with our very own Carl de Barra — Superbet’s Customer Success Manager here at Ultimate. Elena explained how an integrated chat solution allowed Superbet to reduce customer waiting times by as much as 71%.

“Our customer experience has never been better.”

- Elena Husar, Product Manager, Superbet

Today, 33% of all chats are handled entirely by their bot, providing customers with instant, no-touch resolutions, 24/7. And backend API integrations allow their bot to fully solve complex queries like recovering account login details.

Read Superbet’s success story in full.

Fasters resolutions means happier customers. This goes to show how no-touch support not only improves operational efficiency, but also customer satisfaction. We love to see it!

Zendesk’s hot take on the future of CS

Then it was time to get the crystal ball out — and do a bit of future gazing. Jon Ross, VP of Product, Messaging at Zendesk sat down with our Product Marketing Manager at Ultimate, Pernille Hansen. They discussed the future of customer support and the role automation has to play.

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Here are some of the key takeaways from their insights-packed chat:

  • Customers today are more willing than ever to interact with bots
  • In fact, 65% of customers now expect a level of automation when it comes to customer service experiences
  • But 60% of customers still expect to have disappointing bot experiences — so there’s a lot of work for brands to do when it comes to implementation

“A few years ago bots had a really bad name. People would try and circumnavigate the bot to get to an agent as quickly as possible. But the world has moved on and customers are recognizing that bots can actually be really helpful — if they’re implemented well.”

- Jon Ross, VP of Product, Messaging at Zendesk

They went on to talk about the ease and depth of Ultimate’s one-click integration with Zendesk and how this connectivity:

  • Gives brands a 360-degree view of each customer
  • Allows companies to build better relationships with their customers, as all conversations are managed from one place
  • Creates smart escalation routes, giving agents the context they need to solve issues faster

Finally, Jon gave us an example of a Zendesk customer who recently used automation to increase their number of one-touch tickets by 83% — “which clearly has a very material impact on their bottom line.”

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See how it works in action

To bring it all to life, we finished up the event with an exciting product demo by Support Automation Expert and UltiMATE Hosam Hassan. Hosam walked us through what no-touch, omnichannel support looks like with Ultimate and Zendesk. You can watch his video demo here.

To sum it all up

Want to deliver faster, better, no-touch support? Automation is the answer. More specifically, a deeply integrated automation solution that works within your support tech ecosystem. Choosing a headless automation platform (like Ultimate) that connects with Zendesk, as well as your back office systems, will:

  • Maximize the ROI of all your existing tools and tech
  • Drive customer loyalty and encourage retention
  • Streamline support operations and increase efficiency

It's a win-win-win. And that's a wrap!

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