Dixa and Ultimate, Scaling Together for Customer Centricity


There’s a lid for every pot — and a perfect AI-powered automation platform for every customer engagement platform. Presenting Ultimate and Dixa.

Today’s the day: We are proud to announce our partnership with Dixa, a conversational customer engagement platform for customer-loving teams.

This is a match made in AI heaven, as we’re both obsessed with converting customers to friendships and incredibly easy to use. Think of Ultimate as the no-code automation platform to go with Dixa’s low-code customer help desk solution.

Dixa is partnering with the leading AI experts at Ultimate so that we can provide the ideal blend of human interaction and self-service to customers.

- Maurits Pieper, Partnerships Manager, Dixa

No-code AI meets low-code customer engagement

How does this benefit our customers?

  • Seamless scaling: our virtual agent platform supports 109 languages at native fluency, helping Dixa befriend even more customers across the globe. If that’s not a match made in heaven, we don’t know what is.

  • Highly customizable, yet extremely easy to use: no web development skills needed when combining Ultimate’s NLP-powered AI with Dixa’s advanced routing, presence, and workflow capabilities.

  • Holistic implementation: Use Ultimate and Dixa to communicate across channels including chat, email, and messaging, and to facilitate flawless handovers between your virtual and human agents.

We are flexible and agile, while highly secure at our operational cores: Both Ultimate and Dixa are GDPR compliant and Ultimate has just received an official SOC2 certification.

Delivering exceptional customer service starts with empowering customer support agents to resolve inquiries better and faster. With the combined unbeatable technology by Dixa and Ultimate, we’ll get there in no time.

- Matthias Kuhn, Head of Business Development, Ultimate

Accelerating together

Scaling with Dixa is a fitting move for us in these exciting times. After tripling in size throughout the pandemic, we are continuously building on our momentum, with a round of new executive hires, new offices opening up around the world, and an upcoming product launch which we’ll be launching right here, so soon. Stay tuned and get excited.

Scale with us