Essentials for Support Automation Success: Tech, Team & Timeline


After Automation 101, we present to you part two of our educational event series about getting started with automation. You'll learn where to allocate precious resources to see fast results, and how to maximize ROI with the right automation strategy. 

Our Ultimate Experts

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Frances J. Naguit

Customer Success Manager, Ultimate


Ehsan Ali

Automation Expert, Ultimate


Abbie Dockerill

Product Enablement Manager, Ultimate


Gerardo Di Sapio

Process and Tool Administrator - Customer Care

Most automation providers can help increase agent productivity, provide 24/7 hour support, or improve your CX.

Many will get you set up within only a few weeks.

But for fast results and  long-term success, you need a watertight automation strategy. And that strategy rests on assembling the right team, tech, and timeline from day one. 

At this free digital event, you will:

  • Learn how to assemble the right team for a successful go-live with your bot
  • See support automation timeline best practices for chat, ticketing, and API use cases
  • Hear how expondo, a leading marketplace for professional equipment in Europe, started saving 3 minutes per email ticket with a go-live automation timeline of only 5 days

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