How to add generative AI to your customer support in minutes

Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) – the tech behind Open AI’s ChatGPT– are mixing up the world of conversational AI.
And we’ve integrated the game-changing tech of the moment into our product suite.

At our newest product launch, we're offering an exclusive first look into using generative AI to level up your support. See how you can unlock the potential of generative AI to

  • Create natural conversations with customers
  • Assist your agents
  • Reduce bot training efforts

Hear from AI experts:


Matthias Goehler

Customer Experience Leader - Chief Technology Officer, EMEA - Zendesk


Sarah Al-Hussaini

Co-founder & COO, Ultimate


Reetu Kainulainen

Co-founder and CEO, Ultimate


Jaakko Pasanen

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Ultimate

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