Session 3: Use Cases

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In session 3 of our Humanized AI series, learn how LLMs can help create better conversations with customers, assist your agents, and help your bot trainers and conversation designers.

Top 6 use cases for LLMs in customer support


More natural conversations

Add an LLM layer to your chat conversations for the most natural and human-like conversations while staying in control of your underlying intent-based architecture.


Instantly pulling info from your pages

Let your LLM instantly serve your most up to date information to customers by pulling it from your Knowledge Base, CRM Help Center, FAQ page or any other company page, zero training needed.


Structuring tickets

Use LLMs to structure, summarize and auto-populate tickets so your human agents don't have to. LLMs can also predict categories and even analyze sentiment.


Adjusting tone of voice

Prompt your LLM to transform factual replies to customer requests into a specific tone of voice to keep replies 100% on-brand.


Sorting customer data into intents

Ask your LLM to suggest most frequent customer intents by (securely!) parsing your support data


Crafting example replies

Use your LLM to craft sample replies for your conversation designers to use as is or as inspiration to brainstorm dialogues

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