Purelei at a glance


The customer

An ecommerce jewelry company based in Germany but inspired by the beauty of Hawaii.


The market

Jewelry lovers across Europe, including Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.


The support team

15 internal agents, as well as 2 experts for automation processes and reporting.


The channels

PURELEI supports customer round-the-clock via chat.


The situation

The support team was spending too much time on simple, repetitive requests despite their comprehensive FAQ page.


The solution

Automating chat with a seamless Zendesk integration to provide personalized, omnichannel support.

Getting started with Ultimate

While in a call with their CRM provider, Zendesk, PURELEI were referred to Ultimate because of its simple one-click integration into Zendesk.Impressed with the speedy onboarding process of under 3 weeks, Sofie's team felt reassured that they had made the right choice with Ultimate.

Onboarding was easy, the AI was impressive, and they loved that Ultimate also integrated into other tools, like Shopify. The capability to customize and adapt to other tools like Shopify additionally helped significantly upgrade PURELEI's customer experience.

"It’s great that Ultimate is not tied to one ticketing system but is flexible by design. With its native Zendesk integration, it was so easy to get started with automation and see results."

Sofie Werner
Automation Manager, PURELEI

Deflection rate 50%
Support 24/7
Weeks to launch 3

AI use case spotlight: automating requests without sacrificing personalized CX

  • Sofie Werner’s support team was spending too much time on simple, repetitive requests, so they chose to automate chat with a 1-click integration into Zendesk.
  • Ultimate can recognize free text fields — rather than relying just on predefined buttons — and customers can even upload images, resulting in great customer experiences.
  • Human agents were immediately freed from repetitive requests as planned, resulting in faster resolution times and a deflection rate of over 50%.

The success story


Empowered by automation

Sofie started out as a Support Agent at PURELEI, but has been promoted to their Customer Service Automation Manager.


Flexible integrations

PURELEI loved how Ultimate was able to easily integrate into the systems they already used, like Zendesk and Shopify.


Personalized CX at scale

Ultimate can pull info from their CRM and OMS, so customers continued to receive the personalized support they were used to from PURELEI.


Happier, more productive agents

Repetitive requests were completely automated, so the support team was relieved of tedious tasks and instead could focus on complex cases.

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