Getting Started With Ultimate: Resources Knowhow

Ehsan Ali, Account Executive at Ultimate.
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As part of our “Getting Started with Ultimate” series, we answer one of the most common questions our reps get asked: what resources clients need to allocate. Read on to learn all about our 14-day onboarding Bootcamp and more.

Top learnings from this article:

  • Our 14-day Ultimate Bootcamp teaches you how to get started with our platform and learn the fundamentals of conversational AI for support. This typically takes 10-15 hours and involves close collaboration with our friendly Customer Success team.

  • Typically, we recommend at least two people be involved in the project. Firstly, a project owner, to set and track your goals. This can usually be a customer support team lead, or a product owner.

  • Secondly, a customer service expert is also needed to help design the virtual agent, so it best reflects your customer service department. At the end of the day, the work you put into collaborating with our team will be reflected in your success.

What resources do I need to allocate?

We know that you and your team are super busy, and there are never enough hours in the day. It was with the busy schedules of customer support teams across the globe in mind that we designed our onboarding and customer processes at Ultimate to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

Still, if you’re looking for a bot that’s plug-and-play, you’re not going to find it here. Each of our powerful virtual agents are carefully customized for every client’s specific needs, and for us to create a bot that will not only be useful to your team, but boost your customer experience, we do need input from you.

Our 14-day Bootcamp comes standard with all our service packages, and requires a time commitment of 10-15 hours from your project team.

Project team? Don’t worry, we’re not asking for too much from too many people. We recommend a Project Owner, who sets and tracks your virtual agent’s goals - the candidate selected for this role is often a customer support team lead or product owner.

If that’s all you can afford to allocate, no problem. We have led plenty of clients down the path to success with just a one-man bot team - aided, of course, by our Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Solutions Architect (SA). That said, if you can spare them, we also recommend one or two customer service experts who understand your support inside and out, to help design the virtual agent, so it truly reflects the personality and processes of your customer service department.

OK, back to the Bootcamp: over the course of two weeks, one of our SAs will introduce your project team to the ins and outs of the Ultimate platform, and share best practices on how to build great virtual agents. The Bootcamp is interactive and engaging, with lots of screen sharing from the SA to provide visuals that expedite the learning process, and help break down complex topics into digestible chunks.

There are three stages to the Bootcamp:

  • Sessions 1-4: Introduce concepts like AI/conversation design, demos and interactive exercise to familiarise with dashboard and tools.

  • Sessions 5-10: Consultative, there to advise as you build your bot. Once you know the basics and have built confidence in using our platform, your SA advises how to best tailor solutions to customer needs.

  • Sessions 11-14: Get prepped for launch! Break the Bot is an internal test carried out by Ultimate, which we use to provide essential feedback, improvements and ensure a smooth go-live.

We’ll do our best to work with you to schedule workshop sessions based on your availability, and we ask that your entire project team (no matter how small!) attends the full workshop.

It’s true that setting up your new virtual agent does require some time and team commitment. Over the course of working with clients large and small, we have honed our onboarding and virtual agent management processes to ensure they’re limited to only what needs to be learned, and only what needs to be done — nothing else.

So yes, you will need to allocate some resources to your new virtual agent, and we promise you that any time and resources you put in, you will get far more out of it in the form of a new customer support agent who works round the clock, and transforms your agent and customer experience in a big way.

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