Getting Started With Ultimate: Expected Results

Ehsan Ali, Account Executive.
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As part of our “Getting Started with Ultimate” series, we answer one of the most common questions our reps get asked: how long until you see results from your virtual agent. Read on to find out what outcome you can look forward to, and when.

Top learnings from this article

  • By the end of our 14-day onboarding period — Ultimate Bootcamp — you will have an initial bot ready to deploy. Depending on your goals and approach, you can expect to see strong results from one week to one month from launch.
  • Longer term, as you continue to train your virtual agent, you can only expect these results to get better.

  • We’re so confident you’ll see results quickly, we even have a Happiness Guarantee!

The results, in numbers

It is completely understandable that you want to know how long it will take before you start seeing results from your clever new virtual agent.

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that it doesn’t actually take that long to get things moving with their bot. Of course, the process depends on your company and your internal processes, and we set up metrics for success that are customized to the needs and expectations of each individual client.

By the end of our 14-day Ultimate Bootcamp onboarding period, you’ll have a virtual agent that’s ready to deploy on the frontline of your customer support. The percentage of customer support inquiries that your new bot will be able to handle on its own, at the end of the Bootcamp, range from 20%, all the way up to 60% (with extra integrations).

Impressive, right?

The results, according to an SA

Let’s hear what one of our Solutions Architects (SA), Maeve, has to say about expected results: “As an SA, success/results for me post-Bootcamp isn’t just the deflection rate or a particular stat — it’s when a client has the tools to improve, iterate, and tweak. We’ve had customers who are confident enough to place their new virtual agent live 24/7 (even when agents aren’t online), and have quickly expanded to multiple languages and additional brands.”

Happiness, guaranteed

What’s more, the more time you spend training your virtual agent, the more accurate and helpful it will be to your team and customers, and the better your customer experience will be. That’s how machine learning works — so long as it’s monitored under a watchful human eye, it can only get better with time.

Our virtual agent deployment method is the most effective out there on the market today. And we are so confident that you’ll see results quickly that we even offer a Happiness Guarantee!

Ultimately, strong results are about the work you put in. The most successful launches happen when the team is motivated to see their bot succeed. If that sounds good to you, learn more about how quickly we can unlock your data and go live with AI within weeks.

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