Better Together: Ultimate x Zendesk, Explained

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When you integrate Ultimate into Zendesk, you are uniting years of proven CX expertise with the best conversational AI on the market.

What’s great about Zendesk?

This one’s easy: Zendesk is simply one of the best and biggest customer support solutions out there. They’ve been wowing customers and support teams from small startups to large corporations since 2007 with messaging, support, and CRM software.

What’s great about Ultimate?

Recognizing the growing need for automation across all industries, Ultimate is at the forefront of no-code, AI-powered, chat, email, and messaging support. We enable brands to be there for their customers 24/7 — in over 100 languages.

Despite our ability to reach automation rates of well over 50% with a rapid time to value (go live in under 3 weeks!), we at Ultimate offer automation designed to resolve, not just deflect.

Learn how Ultimate's AI-powered automation helps maximize Zendesk's capabilities. 

Resolution rates are more likely to improve through personalization when:

...and we at Ultimate are certified pros at both.

Why are we better together?

Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ben and Jerry, Bonnie and Clyde: Whether it’s music, crime, or ice cream, the best couples we know usually thrive together because they share a common passion.

Ours and Zendesk’s is clear as day: Unique, efficient, and hyper-personalized customer experiences.

According to Microsoft’s 2019 State of Global Customer Service survey,

“90% of respondents indicated that customer service is important to their choice of and loyalty to a brand.”

- State of Global Customer Service survey, Microsoft

And while some connections usually take a while to flourish, all that’s necessary for Zendesk and Ultimate to start transforming your customer experiences across the globe is one click. Yes, just one. It’s literally all you need to get these two CX powerhouses in sync.

Watch this interview to learn how Ultimate and Zendesk seamlessly work together.

We integrate with Zendesk Chat and Support directly, and cover Messaging via our separate Sunshine Conversations integration.

Integrating Ultimate with Zendesk also means:

  • Efficiency: After activating your one-click integration, you can streamline your customer service processes in no time and minimize manual work for your human agents.

  • Familiarity: If you know Zendesk, you know Ultimate. There’s no need for your support team to reinvent the wheel, and no one needs to be retrained because you can use Ultimate from within the Zendesk suite a huge plus for your ROI.

  • Superior UX: When using Zendesk with Ultimate, end users are never limited to having to click on preset buttons. They can enter free text and even upload images, depending on what’s most convenient for them.

Ultimate’s seamless integration into Zendesk offers substantial value to agents with features like automatically populating fields in Zendesk or even merging related tickets.

- Elissa Rott, Customer Success Manager, Ultimate

  • Hyper personalization: Using functions like custom tags and pre-chat forms, you can keep track of your customers’ contact information and preferences, including their name, location, and device (mobile or desktop), while keeping their data safe and sound at all times.

  • Trust: Cybersecurity is as important to Ultimate as it is to Zendesk, meaning neither of us would ever work with a partner whose standards didn’t meet our own. For example, both Zendesk and Ultimate are 100% GDPR compliant and undergo regular security audits, including SOC 2.

Ultimate is a Finnish-founded company, and if you’ve ever heard of Jante’s Law, you’ll know we don’t exactly love to toot our own horns.

So we’ll leave that part to our customers:

Being the market leader, Zendesk was an easy choice. It helped that Ultimate was the first in market who offered ticket automation within Zendesk.

- Jamie Hopper, Customer Service Team Lead, Pockit

 Learn more about how Fintech company Pockit slashed its ticket backlog in days using an Ultimate integration with Zendesk.

“If you are a Zendesk user and need to handle multiple markets and languages, Ultimate is your partner in crime!”

- G2 Review by Aditjya J.

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