Ultimate Leads G2’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants Category, Again

The G2 and Ultimate logos above two badges showing the categories where Ultimate is the fall leader.

Now, 4 times in a row, Ultimate has been named Leader out of 82 solution providers in the Intelligent Virtual Assistant space.

It’s been one year since we co-created the Intelligent Virtual Assistants category with G2. Today, we’re reflecting on the past and celebrating the present...

Rewind back to September 2020. It had been clear for some time now that the world of chatbots and conversational AI was evolving faster than ever.

We wanted to be part of the future and part of the solution.

And so we worked with G2 to provide the sector more clarity, creating the IVA category together. We were confident it differed vastly from the classic chatbot one — more natural, human conversations through the use of machine learning and deep learning set IVAs apart. As does their constant learning, which means they provide a higher automation rate and better customer experience over time.

And what a rollercoaster ride it has been since then! Out of 82 solution providers in the year-old IVA space, we have been classed a Leader 4 times in a row. It’s a sector we’re incredibly passionate about and so this milestone means the world to us.

G2’s quarterly awards — currently in their Fall 2021 iteration — are especially important to us because they’re powered by the voices of authentic customers. As the world’s largest tech marketplace, there’s nowhere more important for them to share experiences of buying, implementing and using B2B software.

“Ultimate has been identified as a Leader in our Fall 2021 Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) category report, based on its high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real users on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website.”

- Patrick Szakiel, Market Research Manager, G2

In addition to this incredible Fall 2021 Leader badge, Ultimate has garnered 9 more badges such as:

  • Momentum Leader
  • Best Relationship
  • Best Support
  • High Performer in Europe
  • High Performer in Small Business & Mid-Market

The badges are a sign of our leading holistic automation solution, proven customer satisfaction and impact on the market compared to the rest of the IVA category.

“As G2's IVA Leader 4 quarters in a row, I feel immense pride in our team, our technology and the leading customer-centric brands we are lucky enough to work with.”

- Reetu Kainulainen, CEO & Co-Founder, Ultimate

Reetu continued: “We are committed to continuing our collaboration with G2 to elevate its IVA category and ensure our AI is used to enhance customer experiences and the careers of human agents worldwide.”

Perhaps most excitingly of all, this momentum is showing no sign of slowing. According to Szakiel, the IVA category has seen an 850% increase in traffic over the past year.

There’s no doubt that businesses are looking to move beyond rules-based chatbots by leveraging IVAs' higher level of conversation personalization and their NLP-driven capability to learn as they work.

And us? There’s no doubt we’re excited to continue leading the charge.

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