How to Recession-Proof Your Support

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There’s no point denying it: we’re living through challenging economic times. But challenges can hold opportunities. In this Supercharged CX session, Shep Hyken offers practical advice on how to weather the storm — and come out of it stronger than before.

For the latest video installment of our Supercharged CX Series, we’re sitting down with author and CX expert Shep Hyken. And this time, it’s all about recession-proofing customer support.

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Shep brings almost 40 years of customer support expertise to the table. Instead of focusing on short-term tactics, he’s interested in bringing about a cultural shift within companies — to help them deliver better experiences both internally and externally.

But that becomes more difficult during a recession. While companies are tightening their belts, customer expectations show no sign of falling. So how can brands balance efficiency with exceptional CX? In conversation with our Director of North American Sales, Mike McCarthy, Shep dives into the dos and don’ts of recession-proofing CX.

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Here are some of the question this session will answer:

  • Why delivering consistent and predictable CX is essential for driving customer loyalty
  • Where brands should be careful when cutting costs (spoiler alert: you won’t get away with cutbacks in areas customers see and feel)
  • How investing in outstanding digital experiences sets companies up for future success — as long as you train customers to use these channels, and make sure human agents are available when needed
  • Plus, Shep’s top recommendations for who you should follow to keep up with the latest CX trends and innovations: Brittany Hodak, Nate Brown, and Dan Gingiss.

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