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Customer Service Best Practices in 2022

Learn everything you need to know about the best practices for customer support in today’s fast-paced, digital-forward, post-pandemic world.

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Customer service in 2022

It goes without saying that modern customer service has been completely changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most companies were forced online virtually overnight and businesses had to scramble to provide entirely digital customer service.

More than two years down the line, companies have had time to adapt and settle into this new way of doing business. But it’s clear that the convenience and personalization of online customer service is now something consumers expect. To succeed in today’s customer service landscape, customer support teams need to be able to thrive in a digital-first environment.

It’s become fairly standard for companies today to offer a way to contact customer support digitally (vs. having to call in to wait in a phone queue during business hours). But this availability outside the traditional 9-5 working day barely scratches the surface of what it takes to succeed in providing a truly excellent customer experience.

In 2022, customers expect to be able to interact with businesses 24/7, in the language of their choice, on the channels they already use (be that email, live chat, or a DM on Instagram). Let’s take a look at what leading customer service teams are doing to keep up with these rising customer expectations.

Best practices for amazing customer support

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Personalized support

Customers today expect an experience that is personalized to their needs and preferences.


Proactive support

Problems will inevitably occur, but the best companies anticipate these issues and proactively provide solutions.


Omnichannel support

Leading companies meet their customers in the channels they already use, whether that’s email, live chat, or a messaging app.


Asynchronous support

Customers can’t always stop what they’re doing to speak to an agent. Let them continue the convo when it’s convenient for them with async support.


24/7 support

Customer issues don’t stop being issues when your agents finish work for the day. Your team needs to provide support whenever your customers need it.

Customer service trends for 2022

Many of the top customer support best practices have only emerged over the last few years. That’s why, to continually deliver the best customer experience, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends.

We consulted customer service experts as well as our in-house team to determine how the industry was changing and what trends would be moving the needle in 2022.

Here’s what we found:

Trend 1

Companies will pivot from reactive to proactive CS

Companies will solve problems before they become complaints and will even aim to preempt problems and anticipate needs for a better customer experience.

Trend 2

CX becomes an increasingly sought-after career field

Customer service will be considered an increasingly rewarding and well-regarded career, especially as organizations begin to embrace systems where humans and machines can work collaboratively.

Trend 3

Automation isn’t the future, it’s the new normal

The market maturity of conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP) beckons in the era of mainstream automation adoption.

Trend 4

Customers will expect personalization, but not at the cost of privacy

Companies will hyper-personalize to deliver exceptional experiences, however, customers are savvier than ever and security is of increased importance to them.

Trend 5

Increased customer expectations are here to stay post-pandemic

Consumers’ increased expectations — including making their lives more convenient, and expecting companies to have purpose and ethics — will become permanent.

Trend 6

Holistic approaches are the future of CX

Omnichannel is already obligatory, but in the future, companies will aim to create unified customer experiences no matter the market, the language or, of course, the channel.

“For the customer, automation means convenience. Customers want the fastest, quickest and easiest way to do business with a company.”

Shep Hyken
Author, Keynote Speaker and CX Expert, Shepard Presentations


Level up your customer service

To deep dive into each of these trends, as well as to see what actionable takeaways you can implement to improve your customer service, download the full guide.

Trending customer service stats

Customers who would pay more for better CX 86%
According to PwC
Customers who care ever more about CX 59%
According to Forbes
Buyers that expect a personalized experience 71%
According to Forrester

Top customer service leaders to follow

Customer service best practices are constantly changing, so here are some essential customer support leaders and influencers that will help you stay ahead of the competition.


Clare Muscutt

Founder, Women in CX Community and CM Experience
LinkedIn, Website


Adrian Swinscoe

CX Advisor, Author, and Host of Punk CX Podcast
LinkedIn, Website


Emilia D'Anzica

Founder, Customer Success Consulting at Growth Molecules
LinkedIn, Website


Rebecca Brown

Co-founder, CX Consultant and Strategy at Think Wow
LinkedIn, Website


Stacy Sherman

Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Mentor
LinkedIn, Website


Shep Hyken

Author, Keynote Speaker, and CX Expert
LinkedIn, Website

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