Why Self-Service Support Streamlines CX

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Self-service isn’t just about empowering customers. It creates more engaging work for your agents and helps provide a seamless support journey. Madison Hoffman, Zendesk’s Director of Chatbot Operations, shares why the future of CX is self-serve.

Knowledge is power. And in this Supercharged CX video session, support superstar Madison Hoffman explains how CS teams can put this power to good use: for the benefit of both customers and agents.

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After starting out at Zendesk on the front lines of CS, Maddie worked her way up to Director of Chatbot Operations. She champions using agents’ expertise in the field — drawing on their intimate knowledge of customers to deliver better experiences. This not only helps agents proactively solve support issues, but allows CS teams to become a voice of the customer within organizations.

Maddie discusses the power of self-serve support with Hosam Hassan, one of our Solutions Consultants at Ultimate and a Zendesk expert.

In this session you’ll hear all about

  • Why delivering joyful CX (both in person and through self-service interactions) is more important than ever in challenging economic times
  • How companies can harness their CS team’s knowledge to provide faster, better, self-service support — and give agents the tools they need to work more effectively
  • Maddie’s top 3 trends to watch in the CX space
  • And what brands can do to elevate the agent experience, and show CS teams the value of their work

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