Automate 48


Automate your customer service

Free your agents and get instant ROI with customer service automation. Deflect up to 80% of repetitive inquiries and deliver 24/7 multilingual customer support.

Automate your most repetitive customer service requests with seamless handoff to agents
Automate 48



Repetitive cases are automated

Augment 48



Complex cases are handed to agents who get AI guidance

Analyse 48



Managers see real time analytics

Provide 24/7 multilingual customer support across chat, email and social


Deflect up to 80% of repetitive requests with conversational AI

Build and manage your own chatbot with ease. Automate up to 80% of your repetitive support requests. Free your agents to focus on higher value work.

Automate processes

API connections for end-to-end process automation

60% of agent time is spent searching through backend systems. Free your agents by connecting your APIs, to instantly retrieve customer details like delivery times, product specs and password resets.

Agent handoff

Handoff complex cases and sales opportunities to agents seamlessly is natively integrated into your existing CRM. Get AI which understands when an customer service agent is needed and loops them in with ease. Keep customer experiences exceptional, with seamless agent handoffs for key customer requests.

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We launched in early December and by Christmas was automating +80% of customer requests in our Christmas chat line. It was a no brainer! Lasse Huttunen, Director of Strategy & Development, Posti
  • 80% automation of repetitive cases
  • 24/7 Posti provides round the clock support

Self learning

Self learning AI means your automation level keeps growing over time

After handoff, Augment continues to support your agents and learns from their answers to grow your automation level. Get customer service automation which increases effortlessly and see your ROI rise month over month.

Language support

Support your customers 24/7 in their native language

The world's leading provider of multilingual customer service automation. No more compromising on quality. Take industry-leading experiences global, with AI that finally speaks your customer's language.

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