Augment 48


Response suggestions for agents

Supercharge the performance of your customer service agents. Over 30% faster responses and AHTs, help agents handle more cases per hour, and shape your brand voice. AI efficiency, with a human touch

Continue to assist your agents through complex cases, with AI which learns and improves
Automate 48



Repetitive cases are automated

Augment 48



Complex cases are handed to agents who get AI guidance

Analyse 48



Managers see real time analytics

Deliver fast on-brand customer experiences with boosted automation potential

Recommend answers

Agents see real time answer recommendations.

Supercharge the performance of your customer service agents, with an AI assist trained on your historical conversations. Eliminate manual repetition and empower your team to solve more cases, faster.

An eye-opening experience on what's possible with AI. Our responses are over 30% faster, with increased agent output and job satisfaction.

- Head of Digital Services

Autonomous learning

AI learns from your agents as they work. learns from every interaction and gets better over time, with a model trained on your real conversations. Get powerful AI, without the need for costly training.'s unique deployment method was fast, easy and low risk. Suggested responses supported our agents in their everyday work, while also training the AI effortlessly.

- Development Manager

Train automation

High accuracy cases are automated completely.

Turn on automation for your most repetitive cases and take the burden off your agents. Your AI is always learning, so sit back and watch your automation level rise effortlessly over time.

Turning on automation was easy, with a customer-ready solution that was solving cases from day one.

- Contact Center Manager

Poor customer service is costing 1.6 trillion in the US alone. Accenture report

Language support

Support your agents in all of their languages. unique deep learning algorithms work in any language. Power your customer service team with state of the art technology, no matter where they are.

We chose because of the strength of their technology and their multilanguage capabilities

- Head of Digital Services

Human Conversations

AI speed, human personalisation.

All the benefits of AI, without automating away all of your valuable customer interactions. Keep your core customer service human to human.

By building AI which supports agents as they work, is helping define the future of work in customer service.

- Managing Director, Major and Public Services

We chose for the strength of their technology and their multi-language capabilities. Satu Karaksela, Digital Customer Services, Finnair
  • +46% Faster first response times
  • +31% Faster average response times
  • +25% More cases handled per hour

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