Getting Started With Ultimate: Technical Knowhow

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As part of our “Getting Started with Ultimate” series, we're answering the most common questions our reps get asked. Today: whether or not any knowledge of coding or web development is needed to work with our virtual agent.

Top learnings from this article:

  • You don’t need to be technical to use Ultimate

  • We offer a no-code platform that is designed with customer service teams in mind

  • With our intuitive UI, we make it as simple as possible for you to build and manage your own conversational AI flows.

  • Our Customer Success team is here to guide you every step of the onboarding journey, so longer-term, you have the tools you need to succeed, even as a complete beginner.

Question: Do I need to be a developer?

The simple answer is no, you don’t need to be a developer to use Ultimate — not even close!

We know customer support teams like yours are looking for an easy-to-use product, and that’s why our AI experts have worked tirelessly to create a 100% no-code virtual agent platform that integrates with your CRM in just one click. This means that you can plug it into your support platform and get started easily.

We're proud of this one-click integration and how it separates us from other players. We believe that if used right, AI and automation can be tools to help everyone and not just technical teams.

We’re committed to your virtual agent’s success

All our service plans beyond Basic come with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and a Solutions Architect (SA) who is dedicated to ensuring your virtual agent is ready to go — ideal for those who are less technical.

You can think of your CSM as your virtual agent’s human manager: she or he will manage the onboarding process, set high-level goals for your virtual agent, and will answer any questions you have throughout the process.

Your Solutions Architect, for their part, is dedicated to building and managing your virtual agent’s conversational AI to meet a particular goal you set with your CSM. This persistent problem solver will also offer suggestions, tips and tricks that would normally come with time, allowing you to skip ahead of your competition.

If you’re on the Basic plan, don’t worry, our extensive knowledge base answers pretty much any question you could possibly have while taking the self-serve route. Plus, our platform is intuitive enough to allow anyone to build their virtual agent with ease.

All new customers, no matter what their plan, are enrolled in our 14-day Ultimate Bootcamp. Led by one of our Solution Architects, this intensive course requires about 10-15 hours of work each week by your project team, as you are introduced to the ins and outs of the Ultimate platform, and the best practices for building an incredible virtual agent.

It’s about teaching the virtual agent to be part of the team

We work with customers who have a range of technical abilities, and most have never dealt with AI or Conversation Design before. What they do know, however, are their customers and their internal customer support processes — and this is crucial for optimizing the virtual agent during the onboarding phase.

During this phase, our clients often experience “aha!” moments. “I had a great moment with a client,” recounts our Solutions Architect Maeve Condell, “where we were process mapping and building dialogues. The customer turned to me and said with a smile, ‘I’m getting it now, I just need to think about how an agent would answer the customer’s question!’ And she’s right - it’s about teaching the virtual agent to be another member of the team.”

It’s completely natural to be intimidated by new technology, but getting your virtual agent set up with Ultimate is actually pretty breezy. Our experts are committed to your virtual agent’s success, and will work hand-in-hand with your project team, using your deep knowledge of your own CS processes to ensure your new virtual agent is a fully functional all-star member of your team within weeks.

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