Introducing the New Ultimate.

The Ultimate logo with intersecting strips of green and purple color.

We’ve spent the last five years figuring out what works. Now, we’re ready to show you. Ultimate has rebranded, and here’s your tour of why and how.

A lot can happen in five years. You can get a university degree. You can watch your baby grow from toddler to school kid.

You can build the most powerful virtual agent platform for customer support.

Which, coincidentally, is exactly what we’ve been doing.

We were founded in Finland, so the technology behind our conversational AI was created with Finnish in mind — one of the most complex languages in the world. Because the bar for what our product needed to do was so high from day one, we easily progressed to pioneer status as the broader CX automation industry around us has picked up speed.

Now that we’ve spent the last five years figuring out what works, we’re ready to show you.

Ultimate has rebranded, and here’s your tour of why and how:

Staying true to our Nordic roots

Yes, we have 36 nationalities and 4 global offices, but we’ll never forget how we got here, and our journey has everything to do with the place where it all began.

Finland is known as the happiest country in the world — and we guess that’s why it inspired us to dream of a world where customer service inspires joy, and to write it into our vision statement that guides us daily.

Finnish cultural values are also decidedly egalitarian: Equality, social justice, and honesty have paved the path for our no-ego approach to leadership, our flat hierarchy, and our core values that include trust, impact, and a commitment to both customer success and a tailored and ethical use of AI.

And we felt we owed it to our product, and our company, to let our visual branding reflect that.

A confident new name and brand: Introducing Ultimate.

The company name — and logo — has evolved from to Ultimate. Why?

Our co-founder Jaakko came up with the name as a riff on our Finnish roots. Finns can be incredibly humble and self deprecating — in other words, terrible at marketing themselves.

That’s why we thought calling ourselves was a hilarious twist (It was also, handily, a domain name). Our name would do all the showing off, so we could focus on the product and just be ourselves.

Looking back on it, I'm just glad I didn't get my way and name us

As the market for customer support automation has matured, so have we. We have capitalized the U and adopted Manrope, a bolder, modern, and more confident typeface. We also decided it was time to drop the .ai from our name and logo: We no longer need to enforce the association of Ultimate the brand with AI technology — they are already powerfully connected in the eyes of the wider industry, underlined by five consecutive #1 rankings on G2. And although we’ve always known ours is the best technology around (we developed and researched it in-house, after all), we also know the most high-value support comes from your virtual and human support agents working together to connect efficiency and empathy.

The old Ultimate logo

The Ultimate logo as a work in progress.

The Ultimate connector in our new brand colors.

A bold new color palette: We’re not shy about making a bold splash

We wanted a visual identity that felt authentic to us — and in our bold new color palette, we’ve found it. Ultimate’s new look is a continuation of our original color scheme — except with fresher, lighter, and brighter tones. We’ve added the color yellow to reflect our joy and optimism about our product and our bright future. Because growth means more opportunities for customers to work with our product, but it also gives us the opportunity to make the industry better. An industry where customer support teams are valued, where the day-to-day is less repetitive and more rewarding, and where joyful agents create joyful customers.

Our aurora gradient is an homage to the Northern lights in Finland, a nod to our roots that have led us to where we are today. As we continue to pursue our aspirations, we think of the aurora as a moral compass that’s with us every step of the way, particularly as the company rapidly grows in North America and beyond.

A continued focus on the people behind our product

Behind every great product there are great people. 120 people, to be precise. That’s how many mission-driven ultiMATES are currently spread across the world — ideating, developing, and educating around our AI-powered platform.

Inclusivity has been built into Ultimate’s deepest foundations, and that has a lot to do with being co-founded by a powerhouse female entrepreneur, my co-founder Sarah Al-Hussaini. Diversity was never an “issue” we had to fix — because it was just always there. The fact that our team now comprises 36+ nationalities and over 40% women hasn’t really surprised any of us.

We want to humanize AI by showing our phenomenal team members in all of our content — from blog to video to our brand new website.

At the end of the day, it’s all about human connection

Ultimately, we wanted to create a brand that focused on our customer-centricity, not just our cutting-edge AI.

Our technology strengthens the connection between our customers and their consumers. It’s a bond that doesn’t break — not during Covid, not in the middle of busy season, not when you are seeing seemingly endless email backlogs.

Our key visual, the Ultimate connector, reflects that bond.

Inspired by the shape of actual customer journeys and the points in it where our teams step in to help out, it is the heart of our brand.

You’ll notice a thin black line running through the center of the Ultimate connector. That’s our Ultimate path, guiding you to the many milestones we’ll reach together on our journey to faster, more joyful, supercharged customer support.

Were ready to keep pursuing that path with you every single day.

Ready for faster, more joyful CS?