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What Ticket Routing Means for Your Customer Satisfaction

Ticket routing happens behind the scenes, yet it's an incredibly important part of customer satisfaction.

Finding the right support agent for every ticket

In the customer support world, ticket routing is the process of assigning a ticket (a new customer query) to the department, and even the agent, best suited to handle it. Traditionally, this process is manual: help desk agents centralise the incoming tickets across all channels, tag them according to several criteria (topic, channel, language, customer revenue, sentiment, urgency, etc.) and route them to the appropriate person or team. The aim is to ensure that every query finds their way to the right support agent right away.

Why is ticket routing important?

Ticket routing happens exclusively behind the scenes, yet it's an incredibly important part of customer satisfaction. A ticket arriving at the right agent in the shortest amount of time impacts metrics (LINK TO customer metrics article) like average first response time (AVFRT), first contact resolution rate (FCRR) and resolution rate in general. On the contrary, a misrouted ticket may take a customer from agent to agent in an endless quest for the right person or department, which is a sure-fire way of decreasing their satisfaction.

How AI is changing the ticket routing game

The thing is, relying on manual routing has its drawbacks: for the agents, it is a repetitive and mundane task; they can make sorting mistakes that will have repercussions down the line; it's also a time-consuming process that is hard to scale. But as it happens, ticket routing is a very good candidate for AI-powered automation. Using machine learning algorithms (LINK TO algorithm article) allows the support desk to automatically tag and categorise (LINK TO categorisation article) incoming tickets, making sure they are attributed to the right person in a record amount of time, around the clock. Automated ticket routing can help increase rapidity, efficiency and, subsequently, customer satisfaction. It is, by definition, highly scalable. And it frees up time for agents to engage in more interesting and valuable activities. Frankly, what's not to like?

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