The steps to AI success

Businesses that are embracing AI are reaping the benefits. According to Zendesk’s CX Trends report, 59% of leaders attest to measurable ROI due to investments in AI, and our very own Customer Service Trends Guide found that 36% of business leaders are actually seeing direct revenue generation with support automation.

Discover how AI can shape richer, more rewarding experiences in the world of customer experience. Our expert speakers also discuss the unique challenges for leaders as they grapple with how to use AI best to deliver tangible business value. 

Watch the on-demand event to learn more about:

  • Newly emerging AI and conversational trends CX leaders need to be aware of
  • How Ultimate and Zendesk see AI being used most effectively for CX
  • Common AI traps businesses fall into
  • The five steps to getting started with AI
  • Understanding how LLMs and generative AI might affect the support automation space


In this event you’ll hear from industry experts


Richard Moloney

Senior Manager, Sales at Zendesk


Dominique Wiersma

Global Customer Service Manager, Felyx


Antje Gallo

Head of Enterprise Customer Success, Ultimate

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