Go Global: How to Launch Customer Support in 109 Languages

Go Global_ How to Launch Customer Support in 109 Languages

Learn how to communicate with your customers in the language of their choice, improve customer experience, and provide truly personalized experiences at scale with a game-changing, AI-powered, multilingual virtual agent.

Our Ultimate Experts


Reetu Kainulainen

CEO & Co-Founder, Ultimate


Sarah Al-Hussaini

COO & Co-Founder, Ultimate


James Longbotham

Solution Architect, Ultimate


Sofie Werner

CS Solution Manager, Purelei


Sindri Sigurður Jónsson

CRM Business Analyst, Icelandair


Danielle DeLozier

Director Guest Relations, HomeToGo

Check out the recording and you will:

  • Discuss the key opportunities and challenges of multilingual customer support
  • Learn from an expert-led demo of the new Ultimate multilingual virtual agent
  • Discover how to significantly reduce costs through virtual agents
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