How to Personalize Customer Interactions

Adrian Swinscoe, author and CX expert, with a personalized automated email exchange.
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Customers want it. Brands want to deliver it. But what does it take to truly personalize interactions with customers? In this session of the Supercharged CX Series, author and CX expert Adrian Swinscoe grapples with the personalization paradox.

For the second video session in our Supercharged CX Series, we’re joined by Adrian Swinscoe. An author, podcast host, and expert in customer experience, Adrian couldn’t be better qualified to tackle this theme. In session 2, we’re talking personalization.

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Adrian takes a problem-focused and human-centric approach to CX. That means he’s genuinely interested in the experiences customers are having — rather than viewing CX as a generic buzzword.

In conversation with Abbie Dockerill, our Product Enablement Manager at Ultimate, Adrian explains there’s no magic bullet for providing more personalized experiences. But this throws up an uncomfortable question. If there’s no right way of personalizing interactions, how can brands deliver the gold-standard CX their customers want?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this insight-packed session

  • Why brands should care about providing joyful and personalized experiences for their customers
  • Where companies often go wrong when trying to personalize interactions with customers
  • The role support teams can play in better personalizing CX
  • And — the paradox at the heart of personalization strategies — how a one-size-fits-all approach can never truly deliver personalized customer experiences

If you’re interested in reading the CX research for the NTT corporation Adrian mentions in this video, you can find their global CX benchmarking report here.

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