Are you ready to go live in under 3 weeks?

Our onboarding and ongoing support is tailored to you and your goals. So you see results, fast.

Step 1

Build the most intelligent virtual agent.

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Design and align on your goals

From reducing costs to driving efficiencies, implementing 24/7 support to multilingual support, we take time to really understand your goals. Together we design custom solutions and success criteria to match them.

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Assemble your team — and meet ours

Teamwork makes the dream work. And the right project team from your end, combined with our automation experts, means a 14-day Ultimate Bootcamp primed for onboarding success.

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Leverage AI to plan and prioritize

Time for your historical support data to shine. Run your data through the AI-powered CS Automation Explorer to understand your main contact reasons — and then build a data-driven roadmap of what to automate first.

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Build conversations collaboratively

We pair your processes with our platform, your needs with our conversation design best practices. And through interactive sessions, we build on-brand dialogue flows together.

Step 2

Get 24/7 launch day support.

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All your questions answered

We’re consistently here for you during onboarding to advise on optimizing human-to-bot conversations, CRM setups and strategic goals.

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Testing, pre take-off

Put your new virtual agent to the test and throw everything at it! We guide you through a ‘break-the-bot’ session to test the AI’s performance and assess how your conversations flow.

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Your launch day, the Ultimate way

We support your technical team every step of the way, every hour of the day so that launch day is as smooth as it is successful.

Step 3

Achieve long-term success

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Dive into the data

Together, we’ll review your virtual agent’s early performance with our analytics dashboard. As part of our Post-Launch Success Plan, we then provide custom strategies for optimal Automation Rates, Escalation Rates and more.

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Training knowhow for long-term gain

Ongoing training is the name of the game for maintaining and optimizing a high-performing AI model. We’ll teach you tons of expert tips — with our AI-powered Training Center that reduces manual efforts, and monthly check-ins on the metrics that matter most.

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The Ultimate success story

We live and breathe automation so you don’t have to. Our proactive approach to teaming up even features Quarterly Strategic Syncs to keep your support team and AI model happy and healthy — from post-launch to long-term.

Ready to see rapid results?