Ultimate Is Proudly Partnering with Conversational AI Experts, CDI Services

The Ultimate and CDI Services logos on a blue gradient background.

Ultimate’s virtual agent platform is joining forces with strategy and conversation design experts at CDI Services. And this AI-obsessed tag team is bringing you the most advanced conversational experience in customer support automation.

You heard it here first: Ultimate is excited to be teaming up with conversational AI experts, CDI Services. A global leader in conversation design and automation strategy, CDI Services specializes in implementing and optimizing AI-powered chat and voice solutions. To put it simply, their mission is to help brands build better AI assistants.

CDI Services’ multidisciplinary team of conversation designers, AI trainers, and consultants work with clients around the world, across industries and platforms. They work with customers including Vodafone, HP Inc, and green energy company Vandebron. As well as design and strategic support, the team offers workshops, reviews, and other resources — empowering businesses with the tools they need for long-term automation success.

From robotic to relatable: humanizing automation

In a crowded marketplace (with an economic downturn looming) customer experience is becoming a key brand differentiator. And when 50% of customers will look elsewhere after a single bad experience, every support conversation — whether automated or not — needs to be joyful and human-centric.

Our partnership with CDI Services combines Ultimate’s advanced support automation platform with the secret sauce powering better AI-enabled experiences: smart conversation design. By working together with global leaders in the conversation design space, it’ll be easier than ever for our shared customers to humanize their automated support.

“We want to align ourselves with partners that not only have a platform or solution that we believe in but also have an established partnership model.”

- Martin Andersen, Partner Manager & Conversation Designer, CDI Services

Here’s a flavor of what you can expect from our collab:

  • Leveraging CDI Services’ conversational AI expertise to help maximize the value our shared customers get from the Ultimate platform
  • Working together to ensure our customers see near-instant results and high ROI with AI-powered automation
  • Building better automated experiences that drive customer retention and long-term engagement 

“Behind every great chatbot lies great conversation design. We’re happy to be working with experts in this field, to provide joyful automated experiences for all of our shared customers.”

- Weronika Boron, Partner Manager, Ultimate

The future of AI is conversational — and we’re delighted to be working alongside CDI Services to shape this future together.

Let’s grow together